Thursday, September 21, 2006

Blog Break, Part III

Ahhh, you knew it was coming, didn't you? My stats are really suffering with all these breaks I'm taking.

My office is next to our guest room, which will be occupied the next three mornings, so it'll be Sunday afternoon – or, more likely, Monday morning – before I can get back here to post a wedding party wrap-up. I just don't think it's polite to be tap-tap-tapping away when people are sleeping right next door.

I know y'all can't wait for the gory details.

I'm not sure how I feel about last night's season premiere of The Biggest Loser. I wasn't able to pay very close attention to it, as I was assembling party favors for the entire two hours. The new female trainer didn't have quite the same caché Jillian did, but oh how she tried. And what was up with that peachy-pink coat Caroline Rhea was wearing for the final weigh-in? [At least I think it was the final one.] Who picks her clothes, anyway? You'd think, since this show is all about people trying to look good, they'd find more flattering clothes for the host[ess].

[Yeah, yeah, I know it's all about eating healthfully and protecting your heart and strengthening your core. But they – and we – all wanna look good, too.]

Okay, enough snark. Like I said, I didn't pay very close attention to the actual loser-wannabes. I might go to the show's website to check up on the West Virginia player's progress, but if it's photo-heavy it won't happen very often.

Living in Dial-Up Hell has very few advantages. Usually when your internet service depends on a telephone line, you also, as I've heard said out here, "live on a well." As we do. We've had water problems off and on over the years, and have thrown quite a bit of money at the man who installs and repairs pumps and water lines. Lately the problem has been too much air or, possibly, too much water pressure in the lines. I periodically have to shut the water off and turn all the faucets on to drain the lines.

While this procedure does fix the problem, it seems to need fixing more frequently lately, and it needed fixing this morning! When my schedule says 'begin food prep.' Water is necessary for food prep, wouldn't you say?

Which is why you're getting this nice, long, chatty post that has nothing to do with losing weight.

[I've been doing really well this week with food and intentional exercise, by the way – maybe I should get a job. I tend to eat when I'm bored, which I haven't been at all, and I tend to think I can always go for a walk later. This week I've been up and out of here second thing every morning. You guys are first thing.]

I hope you have as much fun this weekend as I'm going to!


dg said...

oooooooooooh have a good one, debsterooni! :) hope all goes fabulously!

loretta123 said...

Enjoy your weekend! We'll be waiting for your return.

Annie said...

I watched TBL too. I am hoping for that same motivation that you are.

Have a great weekend!

mehitabel said...

Sending you good wishes for a fabulously wonderful weekend with all your favorite people!

Greta said...

Have a wonderful party! See you when you return!

Barbra said...

Enjoy the cake!!! Looking forward to hearing all about the wonderful party. Have fun!

Greta said...

I found this comment on a weight loss/healthy eating board:

" "The Equation" by Dan Isaacson. It's a book about HOW to diet, irrespective of the actual program
you use. It doesn't tell you what to eat, but how to balance calories and exercise to get the
most weightloss out of whatever program you are using. I found it very helpful breaking
through a long plateau a couple of years ago."

This struck me as a book that might intrigue you considering our past week's conversation. However, between now and reading it...EAT SOME CAKE!!!!!!!!!