Thursday, September 28, 2006

My new best friend

Blog readers, meet Aleve, my new best friend.

I was … um … overly ambitious with my workout plan yesterday. In AA we sort of have a rule that suggests one "plan the plans, but not the results." Good thing that's part of my philosophy or I'd be beating myself up for not doing what I said I was going to do.

After all I've been up to lately, and a steady run Tuesday, I managed to walk 8.2 miles, but NO rowing [until later in the day], NO weight training and NO mowing – all of which I'd intended to do. [What was I thinking?!?] And it took me for-freaking-ever to finish the walk. Like more than two hours, which is pretty darned slow, even for me.

I nearly stepped on a black snake during the last half-mile of the route. He was taking a sunbath along the side of the road. If he hadn't parked himself at the top of the hill – and if I hadn't been so tired – I'd have gone back with the camera. Even for the sake of creepy blog fodder, I'm not that energetic.

Have you seen this free pattern from Berroco? Or have I been so busy the last couple weeks that I'm the last knitter in the world to find it? Looks like the Ultra™ Alpaca called for in the pattern is a little lighter than worsted weight, but I could probably substitute with Lamb's Pride to make a slightly bigger bag. I love the second colorway [see the website], although I know it would show dirt pretty quickly. But seriously, what a cute design this is! I think I just added it to my list of projects.

The baby boy twin's sweater is finished except for sewing on buttons, and I'm doing Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby sweater [from
Knitter's Almanac] for the girl twin. Started it last night and actually got all of the yoke done while watching The Biggest Loser. The sweater is constructed from the top down; each little sleeve is done separately, then the body, then you sew the side/underarm seams and you're done.

I was inspired by last night's TBL. Renée, I'm sure, will offer a complete play-by-play later today; she does such a great analysis. I'm amazed at the number of pounds they can drop and realize that daily, consistent, hard workouts probably contribute most to their success. I was a little annoyed at Bob's commercial for One-a-Day multivitamins stuck in the middle of the show. There are enough commercials already! Enough, I say!

Anyway, I was so inspired after the final weigh-in that I hopped on the rowing machine during the elimination and did 20 minutes.

Then I took an Aleve.


Greta said...

I thought your exercise plan was a bit over-ambitious, so in my opinion you did GREAT with the walking 8.2 miles. Two hours is NOT excessively slow to walk 8.2 miles!!! When my husband I and hike something like uphill out of the Grand Canyon our typical mileage on a solid uphill is about 2 miles per 45 minutes to an hour. That's about 20-30 minutes for an uphill mile. When you are on hills you are doing uphill at least 1/2 the time. I think that 3 miles in an hour is a good pace and 4 miles in an hour is almost speed-walking. Calories burned are related to total MILEAGE anyway, not speed. At an average of 100 cal. per mile that 820 calories (ignoring that NY Tines article we read a few weeks ago that says you have to subtract what you would have burned just sitting in a chair.) Even better that you went on to row later in the day. WAY TO GO!! You probably burned 1,000 calorie through exercise yesterday and that's nothing to be apologetic about.

prorata said...

Just echoing greta's comment re your walking speed. I have trouble getting over 3 miles per hour, no matter how hard I try. It seems that my body wants to stay at that gait, which is annoying. The fact that you're walking 4 miles an hour is something to be proud of.

Belated congrats on the wedding too, btw. :D