Sunday, September 17, 2006

Commenting on the comments

Marilyn may be right in her comment yesterday about hitting a plateau. But I will admit to becoming complacent about food lately, and all the exercise in the world won't make you lose weight if you eat too many of this or too much of that – the right food in the wrong quantity isn't really the right food, is it?

And Jen said "any diet plan … works, but you might as well be comfortable on the way." Ahhh, comfort is my ultimate racket. It may sound weird to pair the word "comfort" with "diet," but Jen is absolutely right: Finding what works, what helps, what supports is key. Trying to follow the Atkins approach just wasn't a good fit for me.

Jen also recommended Thin for Life, which I have and read eons ago [obviously I didn't get the gist of it at the time!]. I should pull it out for another look. Right now I'm reading the third Harry Potter book, loaned to me by my nine-year-old granddaughter. I can certainly see how her generation is enthralled with Harry and his adventures. I know there are rumors that he's killed in the seventh and final book of Rowlings' series, and I'll add my voice to the chorus pleading for his survival.

Greta mentioned books by Rick Gallop; thanks for the recommendation, as well as your other suggestions and continued support. I hope you can get back to running someday. I still surprise myself with how much I enjoy running as opposed to walking. I feel like such an athlete when I run. Every middle-aged woman ought to feel like a jock every once in a while, right?

Speaking of jocks, Denise passed along some good information about weight training. I just wish I liked it more. As you know, if you're a regular reader here, 20 minutes three times a week is excellent performance for me. I can't imagine upping that by 10 minutes per session. If I were working out in a gym it might be easier, but I only have dumbbells, a barbell and a bench. I can't think of too much more I could be doing, other than lunges and squats, to take up more time. I hope the amount of hill-walking I do makes up for the fact that I don't do lunges or squats.

I. Hate. Lunges. And. Squats.

I'd better be careful saying that, though. At one time I hated running. Heh.

The most important reason for women to lift weights, though, is not for weight loss, it's for preventing osteoporosis. If you're in your 20s and 30s, you're probably lifting children. Once you hit your 50s you need to find a substitute.

My grandmother was about 5'6" when I was a little girl. By the time I had children she'd already started losing height, and when she died at 90 I was looking down on her from my towering height of 5'2".

Sometimes getting old sucks, doesn't it? But as the old cliché goes, it's better than the alternative!

I finally set up my new music system yesterday, which consists of a 30GB iPod and a Logitech speaker system that's about as big as a loaf of party rye. Great sound, and I just love storing all my music on a gadget smaller than a deck of cards. Then this morning I opened an e-mail from my good friends at Apple to find that for only $100 more I could have had their new 80GB iPod that holds 20,000 songs instead of a measly 7,500. And you can now download full-length feature films from iTunes to watch in the palm of your hand.

Somehow that just doesn't appeal, even to a techno-geek like me. Except that Johnny Depp's icky pirate teeth wouldn't be quite so up-close-and-personal.


loretta123 said...

I still enjoy the aerobic training more than weight training, but I have to say I get better and more visible results from the weight training. I've found weight training with Joyce Vedral's videos a big help. She's 60 and fabulous. Somehow I get more motivation knowing that someone older than me (52) has done so well. It's too easy for me to give up when I'm comparing myself and trying to keep up with a 25-year old. Her site is Let me know if you want recommendations.

Greta said...

My last purchase was the Nanopod and previous to that (several years ago) was the Mini because I have found that I just want my favorites not ALL my music on a pod. I keep having trouble with the speakers on my computer so I'd like one of those speaker systems you got. I will have to go to the Apple store that's a mile and a half from me (since I live in the middle of Somewhere). The Apple Store is between Tiffany and Barnes and Noble. How's that for Somewhere? Actually I live in a suburb of Somewhere, not actually in Somewhere itself, but marketers THINK we are Somewhere.

Regarding the eating too much of this or that, really, all you can eat too much of safely is only ever vegetables. Sad truth. I do think that for me personally, when I start to plateau it is usually because my eating has drifted to a less weight-loss-inducing place. I ALWAYS exercise enough so that's never the issue. It is the eating too much issue which is the reason that I never got quite all the way down to Goal weight. When I am not doing so well I try to concentrate on eating veggies because for me that causes a reduction in eating everything else.

It can be a struggle to find SOMETHING that's re-inspiring to latch onto in these times. Sometimes I concentrate on a personal goal. My husband and I like to take hiking vacations and if one is coming up, that alone is a great inspiration to me to eat well and get as slim as possible to make the hike more pleasurable. At one point I was inspired by weight loss CD's of Dr. Phil. Many times if I read almost any book of dieting advice it will contain enough suggestions that I get inspired to do better. Reading blogs and discussion boards helps me too. I like to find new recipes that fit with my plan and try them because that helps me too. I like the recipes on the site Click discussion board up at the top, then click recipe board from the discussion board. I think that many of those recipes would fit the low GI diet lifestyle because they are recipes of veggies, fruit, whole grains, beans, no white flour, no sugar. Right now, reading and trying to implement Rick Gallops suggestions is helping me. In time it will get stale and I will move on to another "expert's" book or website. That's just the way it is for me. I need new inspiration periodically and have to hunt for it sometimes. It can help to have friends doing it with you, too.

Vickie said...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
posting on plateau's
by Jonathon on Jack Sprat -
I go back and read it again, and again, and again.
It is painful, painfully true. . .

Rona said...

I haven't read any blogs for the past few days - other commitments, so when I went back over the recent entries, I noted that your 15,000 or whatever the very large number is, is from Hope College which is where I went to college! I am always mind boggled by that 6 degrees thing.. Congratulations. I hope your party is a lot of fun and you enjoy all the love and happiness you deserve.

mehitabel said...

You're quite right that I will need to add more activity as I get stronger, but right now it's taking all I can muster to get through those 5 hours at work! I'm trying to add a 1-hr walk on the days I'm off, and being much more mindful about what goes into my mouth, but that's a daily struggle. One baby step at a time for this "old broad" with the bum knees. I'm glad that you are so honest with us, though, about your struggles.
And tonight I'm going to be watching the Biggest Loser with my family--we're doing our own challenge!