Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back to normal, whatever that is

I'm feeling a teeny bit of a letdown after all the planning and preparation for the party. Mostly, though, I'm happy everyone had a good time and nothing horrible happened. Now it's time to get back into a more normal groove, although I must confess that I really enjoyed being as busy as I was the last month or so.

Yesterday when I was starting out for my walk, I noticed this guy hanging out in the sedum growing along the driveway. He's about three inches long from tip to stern. Pretty creepy, and just in time for Halloween. Good thing the driveway is a looooong way from the front door!

My intention as I started out yesterday was to see if I really could run – well, jog – for three straight miles. When I blithely announced yesterday that I routinely do that anyway, I forgot about the hills.

If you've been following the Shrinking Knitter play-by-play, you'll recall that the hills on my road are, um, challenging, and that I've managed to scale only a couple of them. For the last three miles of my four-mile loop, there are two of them, pretty close together. I'd never managed to make it up both of them before.

Until yesterday! Woo hoo! Yeah for me!

I'm going to lift weights, do 20 minutes on the rowing machine and walk today, probably eight miles. And mow. Usually we only have to mow every other week this time of year, but it's been a pretty wet fall here in the Middle of Nowhere, and things are looking a little shaggy. All the leftover party food got tossed yesterday and I think I'll be approaching normal today for the first time since July.

I still have a few CDs left. Check yesterday's post for details on how you can snag a copy.

And if you're a knitter, be sure to send a photo of your favorite knitting spot to Laurie. Details here. I'm sure my kids are glad she didn't ask for stash photos. When my daughter saw my yarn closet Saturday, she declared:
"You have a problem."
No, honey, I have yarn.


Nancy said...

Love your answer to your daughter. She might never understand but your fellow knit-a-holics do!

Greta said...

Sounds like you are "off and running" again! You will be losing weight in no time!

Jonathan said...

Debbi: Speaking of weddings, not sure if you read TheLostHawaiian today, but it will remind you that celebrating the way that you did, was the best way!

Congrats on running the hills. I know whereof you speak, being a San Franciscan. Just to put it in perspective, when I run someplace that's flat, I *DOUBLE* the number of miles in order to get the same amount of exercise as I do at home.


Mariah said...

Awww, the yarn closet. I can just imagine her face. Did you tell her how long it's been since you bought much yarn?

Good for you on that run! A great way to beat the after party blues.