Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two things

Before I get started, happy birthday, H! At this time mumble-mumble years ago I was in labor and on my way to the hospital. My mother used to tell horror stories of being in labor with me. I wouldn't do that to my daughter, 'cause I'm such a great mother.

Now for the first thing, a question for those of you who lift weights: Do you like that part of your workout routine, or do you just do it because you know it's good for you?

I'd love to love it, I really would. I know how beneficial it is, especially for those of us who are ... ahem ... aging. My grandmother was crippled with osteoporosis as she aged, and I don't want that to happen to me. But even that motivation isn't enough to make me look forward to weight training the way I do to my morning walks.

[I can barely believe I said that! I look forward to morning walks!]

So, c'mon ... if you have any motivational weight-training tricks, tips and tidbits, send 'em my way. I'm all ears, but not much muscle.

Second, I spent all yesterday afternoon absorbed with a project that completely took me out of myself, my concerns, my vanity, my worries. I was so not bored or restless. And so not hungry, either physically or emotionally.

In my former life [before I moved to the Middle of Nowhere] I was a graphic designer for a newspaper. Yesterday I worked on a design project that is to be a gift. I'll post a photo after it's been delivered, in case the recipient remembers this URL.

I enjoyed being absorbed by the process of making type and photos work together, and of creating the product and packaging. While I don't need a job, I'd love to find some kind of design work that I could do from home on a contract or part-time basis.

The point of the second thing is that working on that absorbing project is something I need to do more of. [Should that be 'of which I need to do more'? And should that single quote mark be outside the question mark or inside? Where's Strunk when I need him?] I've gotten myself lost in scrapbooking and/or cardmaking projects in the past, but it seems that the sessions that really take me away are when I'm making or doing something for someone else. Hmmmm. Wonder what's up with that?

P.S. We must be having an awfully windy spring. A week or so ago I found a robin's nest blown out of a tree. Today I found another one. I only took a photo of one; while one nest doesn't always look like the next, they're close enough.

P.P.S. I'll be updating my FLAK progress on the other website [click on the FLAK button] shortly. It's not pretty.


PastaQueen said...

Honestly, lifting weights kind of bores me. I've been slacking off on my weights recently probably for this reason. Maybe my fear of arm flab will kick me back into gear.

Debbi said...

Ah, fear! Usually a great motivator. Is the fear of flabby arms more motivating than the fear of not being able to walk across the room without breaking an ankle bone? Maybe so ...

mehitabel said...

No great motivation hints here--I am awful at getting motivated, no little carrots on the stick have worked so far. I just dig in and grit my teeth and push through it. Of course, I have to look in the mirror, and the flying-squirrel-in-drag look is enough to convince me to keep at it. You're doing great, though! Many congrats! (and the punctuation always goes inside the quote marks)

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out From The First Bite by Kaye Sheppard. Not everything might apply to you -but she has food suggestions that are similar to what you were talking about earlier in the week.

Vickie said...

I too hate the weight machines. I listen to something MP3 player - so can record or listen to radio.

I saw your note about no flour/sugar earlier in the week. REad From the First Bite by Kay Sheppard - you won't agree with everything - but good food suggestions. Interesting ideas.