Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bad night in the Middle of Nowhere


That was me, falling off the sugar-free wagon last night.

I had an errand to run before I went to my Tuesday-night volunteer duty at the prison, and ended up with a little time on my hands, so I went to find the June issue of O, which Beth recommended.

This is the 'body' issue, with cover blurbs like "Body Bliss: Feel great in your own skin" and "How not to look fat in a bathing suit" and "Oprah's Aha Moment: Fighting the mashed potato wars."

Why I thought adding a small package of caramel creams to that particular purchase was a good idea, I'll never know.

To my credit, I didn't finish them. In fact, I wrapped the remaining ones in the grocery bag and buried the offensive little parcel in the garbage at the end of the driveway, awaiting this morning's pick-up. So they didn't even make it onto the property. [Somehow that makes me feel better.]

The bad parts, though, are:
  • They were sugar.
  • I ate them in the car.
  • I really let myself down.
The good part is they're gone! Well, except for whatever remnants are clinging to my hips. Because you know that's where every bit of sugar and fat stays, don't you? Might as well just hot-glue it to the outside of my body.

To end on a good note, the new furniture came yesterday and our living room suddenly looks so grown-up! It's a little overcrowded at the moment; we intend to get rid of the television in that room. Until we do there's the new black coffee table and the old wooden one with the television/DVD player/satellite box on it. But we'll take care of that soon enough. As you know, I sometimes have a hard time thinking of myself as a middle-aged woman. But when you have burgundy leather grown-up furniture, you just can't help yourself.


Amanda said...

Hey Debbi , it could be worse , you could have fallen off the wagon as far as Martha has since her term at Alderson. Not that I am dissing the big M or anything.
And as far a Nike goes , that has been my standard line for years when I get tired of people asking me how I get so much done. I say , "I 'm like Nike , I just do it "

Beth said...

Debbi, you're going to have to stop reading my blog :).

Seriously, when we figure out why we do these wacky things, we will make a million dollars. Or else be the greatest humanitarian since Mother Theresa.

Because everyone does it, and none of us know why!