Friday, May 05, 2006

Motivated, inspired, informed

Shauna says [in her usual witty and entertaining way]: How dull would life be without the internet?

I don't know about you, but I can't imagine how life would be here at Chez Middle of Nowhere.

When I left the Big City [Columbus, Ohio] almost nine years ago, I left coffee shops, bookstores, malls, gyms ... dare I say it? I left civilization. I now live in a beautiful place with mountain views and sunrises and rainbows and wildlife, but none of the trappings of city life. The nearest mediocre grocery store is 12 miles away; the nearest one with cilantro is more than 30 miles away.

Note to self: Pick up cilantro and basil plants at the nursery today.

[Actually the nearest grocery has started stocking organic cilantro in those little-bitty plastic containers for $1.99. Which is, of course, less than the amount I have to spend on gas to get to the Super Wal-Mart, which sells chemically laden cilantro in the same bin as the parsley for $.79.]

I spend two or three hours a day online reading blogs, ordering stuff, checking e-mail and generally entertaining myself. I can do this because I don't work outside my home and I spend a lot of time alone. Children are grown, Spousal Equivalent is gone all week, dogs can't talk. I figure as long as the house isn't walking away [my mother used to say the house was so dirty it was 'ready to walk'], the lawn gets mowed and the dogs aren't starving that my time is my own.

I am hugely entertained on the internet.

More than that, I am motivated [see the 'Weight Management Links' in the sidebar], inspired [ditto 'Yarn Management Links] and informed.

Yes, I get to replace toilet guts today. That should keep me off my feed, so to speak, for quite a while.

This weekend will be a bit different from the normal dullness around here: Spousal Equivalent's son is coming for a visit. They're going golfing, so all I have to do is make sure there's plenty o' food. And if I can't get the toilet guts replaced properly, I'll ask said son to pitch in. He's very handy.

Thanks for your weight-training tips. I do appreciate everyone who took the time to write and comment. I have just one session remaining this week, and three days to do it That's quite a load off my mind after last week, when I ended up doing only two sessions on consecutive days. It's good to know that some of you are as bored and unmotivated as I am with regard to weightlifting. I don't feel quite so isolated out here in the MofN.

What would I do without the internet?


Suz said...

You've inspired my daughter and I to join ediets! I need to lose 15 pounds and she needs to lose 20--doesn't sound like a lot, but you know what a difference they can make.

Debbi said...

Glad to help, Suz! You and your daughter are a lot smarter than I was, starting when the amount to lose is smaller and more manageable. I hope you'll keep me posted on your progress.