Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spring has sprung

We are having the loveliest spring here in the Middle of Nowhere. Sometimes spring skips us, and we go from winter to summer in one swell foop. But this May has been everything spring is supposed to be: low humidity, cool mornings and light breezes.

It feels good to get outside and walk when the weather is so cooperative. I hope by the time the humidity hits us – and it always does – the walking will be so routine that I won't even think about it. Maybe walking outside every day will gradually acclimate my body and lungs, and the rising temperatures won't affect my performance. I know that's a load of crap, but I can wish, can't I?

I'm breaking in a new pair of walking shoes. When I see good shoes on sale I go ahead and stash a spare pair in the closet. When I absolutely can't walk another mile in the old ones, I don't have to go shopping for new ones. Shopping opportunities being kinda rare here, you know?

I wore the new ones to the prison last night and they're very comfortable, surprisingly so. I could hardly tell I was wearing new shoes, which makes me think I should go back and get more!

Here's an excellent article from Cool Running on choosing a shoe that fits both your foot and your budget. Shoes should be replaced after you've logged 500 miles. I've only been logging my miles since the first of the month, and am averaging about 30 per week, so these new ones should last through the summer.

I just hope I do!

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