Monday, May 29, 2006

If it's Monday …

it must be weigh-in day, right?

Two more pounds gone, for a total of 29. I had hoped to lose a total of 28 by now, so I'm on target with that. After 21 weeks following eDiets' Glycemic Impact plan, I've reduced my BMI by 5 points and developed some healthy new habits. I've also gotten rid of clothing that no longer fits, as I don't intend for it to ever fit again.

This is new behavior; I used to pack everything away in labeled boxes, waiting for the day when my weight would climb again.

Average daily calories were again a little low this week, at 1078. I averaged 80 minutes per day of intentional exercise and burned 515 calories per day while working out.

The Spousal Equivalent and I visited my son and his wife this weekend, and my son [Hi, A!] suggested that I include here what I typically eat. The theory behind the Glycemic Impact plan is to combine low-fat protein with good-quality carbs, so a typical breakfast would be an omelet made with egg substitute, Canadian bacon, fresh salsa and mushrooms and some low-fat cheese, along with whole wheat toast and an orange. Grilled chicken salad is a good lunch choice, with Triscuits and fruit, and I often have a whole wheat tortilla filled with grilled vegetables and chicken for dinner. My afternoon snack is almost always six ounces of plain, non-fat yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of wheat germ and a tablespoon of sliced almonds. I rarely eat in the evening, except for my Tuesday treat of having popcorn for dinner later in the evening.

We enjoyed our little getaway and I felt less anxious about food and exercise this time than I did the last time I traveled. I'm an early riser and was able to get out and walk/jog in the neighborhood both mornings without disturbing anyone else. They cooked for us the night we got there – grilled tuna and salad, which were perfect. Saturday night we ate at a baseball game; I could have chosen something more healthful than a footlong hot dog, but I also could have chosen something less healthful!

I only have a couple days at home to catch up on the lawn, the house, the laundry and the DVD job I'm doing, and then I'm off to see my daughter and her family for a few days.

As always, I'm grateful for all of you virtual supporters out there. Thanks for reading!

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