Sunday, May 14, 2006

Road trip, the sequel

Okay, eDiets must be reading the blog. Here's their Health and Diet Tip of the Day for today:
Controlling food choices when you're on the road is difficult, but not impossible if you plan ahead. Bring non-perishable nutritious snacks with you. Fresh veggies, peanut butter, pretzels, nuts, cereal and dried or fresh fruit all travel well! Pack a cooler with sandwiches and yogurt. And, don't forget to bring along plenty of water!
To which I say, "Duh!" Do they think we don't know that?"

For me, it's more of a 'Hey, what the heck, I'm on vacation!' mentality than one of trying to figure out what the heck to eat while traveling.

I still think my new rule of not eating in the car will work best for me. I'll let you know next month, when the trips are done.

My dad and his wife are coming to visit today, traveling from Ohio back to their home in Florida. I haven't seen him since last April, when we celebrated his 75th birthday with a surprise party. I'll spend some time today with the floor, as usual. The guest room is ready. I think they'll be here in time for dinner. I'd hoped to grill some chicken, but since it's supposed to storm, I'll be doing a pasta-vegetable-chicken sausage combo that tastes different every time I make it.

The Spousal Equivalent and I went furniture shopping yesterday. We bought a couch, chair and cocktail table, all of which will be delivered Tuesday, and all within our budget. I'm still stunned that we both liked one of the first couches we saw, that it was available for immediate delivery and that we didn't go into debt. Here's the couch; the chair matches it:

The table is black and has kind of a Mission look to it. Now we have to teach the dogs not to bury their rawhide treats in the couch cushions. [Note to self: Search old couch for rawhide treats before sending it away with the delivery truck!]

On the way home from the shopping trip, we were talking about losing weight [what can I say? It's an obsession!], and he said:
The human body counts calories better than anything else, and is one of the few honest things in the world today.
Or something like that.

I wasn't going to take issue with him, because I think he's mostly right. I will say, however, that the quality of the calories has made all the difference for me this time around. Combining low-fat protein with high-quality carbs is working better for me than eating fat-free pretzels. Eliminating sugar – not especially high in calories – also has been key.

More than likely he's completely right, because maybe ... maybe ... if I'd been walking 30 miles a week instead of only six or seven, and hoisting a dumbbell occasionally, I might have been more successful at releasing weight. My philosophy now, though, is "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

If you're a mom, have a happy mother's day!

Edited to add:

Fercryin'outloud! SparkPeople reads the Shrinking Knitter, too! They're offering exercise tips during cross-country vacation drives:
How Drive Tme can Be Relaxing
On marathon, cross-country vacation drives, excitement can quickly turn to boredom, and finally degenerate into a feeling of being cramped and cooped up in a stiff, uncomfortable position. Here are a some quick, relaxing moves that will create a muscle-loosening diversion on your next car trip. (*These exercises should be done by passengers only, not drivers.)

Step 1: Neck Roll
Bring your left ear down towards your left shoulder and hold. Roll your head down towards the ground and bring your chin to your chest. Hold and finally, roll your head to the right and bring that ear to your right shoulder.

Step 2: Concentration Curl
Hold something about the weight of a small dumbbell with an underhand grip, resting that elbow on the inner side of your thigh. Curl the dumbbell to your shoulder, keeping upper body still. Lower the weight back down.

Step 3: Lower Shoulder Stretch
Bring one arm directly across your body and hold it tight with the opposite arm. Pull the opposite arm to your body, hold for approximately 12 to 15 seconds and relax.

They got one thing absolutely right: Driving is boring! Sorry this was such a long post.

Hope you weren't bored!

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MarilynB said...

Just a couple of comments about the neck exercises. You can always do them at stop lights or if you have a fuel stop or bathroom stop, do them as soon as you get back in the car, before driving off.
I would add one more, especially important as we get a bit older.

Step 4. Sit with your head in good alignment and turn your head, looking over your right shoulder, hold for several seconds, then try to turn just a bit further. Repeat to the other side.

One of the first things we loose as we age is the ability to turn our heads to the side and that can be important when we drive, especially that glance to the left.
I would also suggest repeating all the exercises more than once time. I know it makes it more of a workout but just once doesn't really relax the muscles.