Monday, May 08, 2006


Saturday was a very productive day. I transplanted three baby blue spruce trees and planted all the crops in my tiny little garden spot by the garage. It rained all day Sunday, so I didn't have to drag the hose out to water. Here's what I call my salsa garden.

The basil, of course, isn't part of the salsa; I only grow enough to make a couple batches of pesto. And technically, I guess, what I make is pico de gallo, not salsa. Finely diced tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, green or red peppers and cilantro, which I serve with grilled just-about-anything. Throw some in an omelet, add it to chili, serve it with chips. It's a multi-purpose concoction. Fat-free and nearly calorie-free and so, so delicious.

Time for a little knitting update. I've started knitting toy turtles after ripping out the FLAK. I'd been frustrated by a miscrossed cable and worked for two days trying to ladder back and fix it properly. At one point I had it off the needle and could slip it over my head. It. Was. Huge. By the time I reach my weight-loss goal I would have been swimming in it. This photo shows what used to be the sleeves and about half of the body, with the front and back bodices intact – a good gauge swatch for the next version, which I'll probably start in January.

I think I took good measurements when I started out, but I also tend to overestimate, thinking bigger will be more comfortable. I've been doing that with clothes lately, too. I bought a nice tee the other day – you know, the kind that doesn't have any image or writing on the front – to wear with capris. I didn't try it on in the store, assuming that even if it was a little big it would still be okay. Well, it's less than okay, but not worth driving an hour to exchange it. It'll be fine for yard work. You know, mowing or ... watering crops.

If you came here today for a Shrinking Knitter Progress Report, then you're in luck! This week I ate 1175 calories per day, did 103 minutes of intentional exercise per day and burned 659 calories during each exercise session. [Those are all averages.] I also kept track of how many miles I walked/jogged this week: 31.5. The result? I stayed the same. What does a girl have to do to lose a pound around here?

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