Saturday, January 28, 2006

A little knitting

No, I don't spend all my time working out and eating healthfully. I currently have two knitting projects going.

My FLAK progress can be found on my Young at Heart websit
e. The other project is called Optically Delusional, from a Jamieson's book called "Simply Knit." At left is a glimpse of the progress on the back. This is going to be one flattering jacket when it's finished, I think.

I think I mentioned previously that this starts out with two triangles, which are then joined together. On the right-side rows you increase at each end and decrease on either side of the center marker, keeping the stitch count the same and making the back a big square (I think – I've not gotten that far yet). I actually want it to be a rectangle – longer than it is wide – so I'll have to figure that out when I get to it.

My weight stayed the same this morning. My official eDiets weigh-in is Monday, which works well for me. If I were a social butterfly with lots of weekend activities, it might be more difficult to stay on plan on Saturday and Sunday. As it is, my sweetie is home and we usually walk together outside when the weather is good. He's as interested in maintaining his weight (or even losing a little) as I am in reaching my goal, so we work well together on the weekends.

As long as he doesn't ask for brownies.

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