Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm almost afraid to report it

My official weigh-in day at eDiets is every Monday. I weigh myself every day, so I was pretty sure I'd be able to log a loss this morning. I did not, however, expect to be five pounds (5!) lighter than I was last Monday.

I went through my food/exercise journals and calculated that I ate an average of 990 calories per day. Some days more, some days less. Yesterday was a lot less, as I forgot to eat breakfast. I also walked four days, including four miles yesterday.

However, I've done this before (low calories and exercising) and not lost a pound. The difference this week is that in addition to not eating sugar, I also did not eat bread. The only bread I've been eating is whole wheat, and always combined with protein (per the eDiet Glycemic Impact Plan), but apparently even that is Something I Must Not Touch.

Now I know that in order to have long-term success, the "experts" recommend not eliminating any food, but learning to eat it in moderation. I've eliminated sugar previously, for a period of five years, and felt much, much better without it. I've never eliminated bread before. And I wonder if it's just wheat, or grains in general. I have eaten brown rice a couple of times this week.

My first former mother-in-law (there are three) used to tell me that whenever she wanted to lose weight, all she ate was meat and salad. It worked for her, and I'm sure continues to. She's in her 70s now. The last time I saw her was nearly a year ago, and she looks terrific. No weight-related health issues at all.

I subscribe to an e-newsletter called (I think) Weight Loss for Women over 40. The author suggested when you reach a small milestone to reward yourself with a food treat. I challenged her on that; my philosophy is that my rewards should most definitely not be food-related! She said recent studies (which she didn't cite) indicate that rewarding with food actually helps and reiterated the "don't eliminate any food" mantra.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I have to find/do what works for me. Could not eating bread – the staff of life, fercryinoutloud!, be yet another key?

Knitting stuff: I started a new project yesterday, since Janet won't be posting the next FLAK installment until tomorrow. I love Optically Delusional from Jamieson's "Simply Knit." I can't find a photo on the web to link to, so I'll post a scan in the next day or two.

When I bought the book, probably three years ago, I decided to substitute a machine-washable wool for the Jameison's Shetland, and I might regret that. I'm using Debbie Bliss Merino DK, which is knitting up nicely but will probably stretch upon wearing. This is an oversized kimono-style jacket. I'm making the smaller size, but will end up somewhere between the smaller and larger, which is what I want. It's easy-peasy so far – start with a couple garter-stitch triangles which will be joined together to create a diagonally striped piece for the back. One front is diagonally striped, the other is horizontal. Sleeves are (I think) knit separately and sewn on, but you can bet I'll be picking up and knitting down. I might just make two diagonal front pieces. The horizontal piece ends in a point, making the jacket asymmetrical, and I'm just not fashionable enough to pull that off.

Especially here, in the Middle of Nowhere.

Breakfast today is a vegetable omelet, wheat bread and strawberries. Guess who won't be eating the bread?

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