Monday, January 16, 2006

And why won't it go away?

I really wanted this blog to be one of success and triumph. I am committed to losing this weight. To that end, I am exercising nearly every day and following my eDiets food plan. Did I choose the wrong plan? I really have felt for a long time that I am insulin-resistant, and thought the Glycemic Impact plan was the right one. And I did lose three pounds right away. But one has returned and won't be banished. I'm starting the third week with a total loss of two pounds. I could cry.

But that won't do any more good than the current plan. I just couldn't be any more discouraged.

Took some photos of recently completed things. The little blue-and-cream pullover will be mailed to my son and his wife tomorrow, and they will give it to their neighbors when their little one is born. It's too warm for Mike to wear his cardigan (it's a wool/alpaca blend), but he said he likes it and it fits him. The cardigan was started around the second week of December, I think, and the pullover was done in less than a week. I do love that Wallaby pattern! Very easy knitting, perfect for football-watching.

I made a pair of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs the last two days, and have a second pair started. My daughter-in-law has turned some of her friends on to these clogs; these will end up in Georgia.

I haven't had breakfast yet, only coffee. Must go get something to eat. Today's breakfast is supposed to be cottage cheese and fruit, I think. Sometimes I think I should just eat a scoop of dog kibble twice a day and be done with it.

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