Friday, January 27, 2006

I was never very good in science

I must say this experiment with wheat ... or, rather, without wheat ... is challenging.

The eDiet plan includes whole-wheat bread, soft-flour tortillas, Triscuits, flatbreads, etc., two or three times a day. Eliminating those foods without a substitute certainly decreases calorie intake. And that's what I've been doing, because I live in the Middle of Nowhere, where asking for gluten-free bread is a foreign concept. They do like their bread around here. Wheat bread. And mostly it doesn't need to be whole wheat. [Whole-wheat biscuits? Eeeeeewww.]

But the experiment seems to be working. One of the two pounds is gone this morning, thankyouverymuch, and I haven't really suffered.

Last night I was supposed to have a pita pizza, so instead I just grilled the vegetables, subbed chicken for the cheese and threw it atop some brown rice. It's wheat I'm eliminating, not grains. But I'm sure not eating many grains, either.

My guilty little secret is that I've been completely sucked in by "The Biggest Loser." (A friend – you know who you are – asked if that made me a sucker. I guess it does!) I looked forward to it all day Wednesday. I do maintain that real-life people living real life can't possibly lose 21 pounds in one week, as the 16-year-old daughter of the diner family did. But I gotta tell you I was thrilled for her, and more than a little envious.

Having perfectly portioned, healthy meals prepared for you, and having either of those trainers put you through your paces would be a wonderful way to jump-start a weight-loss effort.

After last week's episode I ordered the workout tape, and it came two days ago. That hunky Bob puts you through your paces in four different workouts over six weeks. The tape was fun to do, with real former Biggest Losers backing him up and demonstrating. I chose to begin at the beginning, with the less challenging workout, and I was whipped at the end of it. Am I really that out of shape? I guess I am. Walking almost every day doesn't provide the cardiovascular conditioning you need for the beginner routine.

I can't imagine how hard the Boot Camp routine is. I'll let you know next month.

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