Saturday, January 14, 2006

From whence did it come?

That pound I gained.

After I lost three, I'm up one, even while sticking to the eDiets plan and exercising two out of the last four days.

I read several dieting blogs daily. The best, by far, is Skinny Daily. Thought-provoking, introspective and three different points of view (although JuJu has been absent much of the past six months or so). They've been talking about the soothing, dessert-like qualities of a cup of tea – specifically chai tea – lately. I've just never gotten into tea, but I've been trying.

Somehow a brownie seems more "dessert-like" to me. Mike asked for "something sweet" last night and there was a box of brownie mix in the pantry. Yes, I had a small piece. So now I have to start the no-sugar/no-white-flour thing all over again. I won't even go into the sabotage aspects of his request. But I did say the word out loud, as we waited for them to bake.

Mike assumes I'm adult enough to resist the temptation of a pan of warm brownies. And while I acknowledge that I certainly should be, I am not.

It is what it is. Or, rather, I am what I am.

But I'm still figuring out who, exactly, that is.

Knitting: I finished the cream-and-blue Wallaby last night. I need to wash and block it before I take its picture. And I did the swatch (second time) for the FLAK. I think I did the first swatch on the same needles, but I ripped it out before I finished it, thinking the yarn I was using (Briggs & Little Regal) was too thin for the project. Silly me. It's perfect. Blocked out to a precise 22 st/28 rows/4 inches, and the lighter weight will be much more wearable in my climate. So I'll be knitting an Aran sweater for my big bad self on size 4 needles. Is that crazy or what?

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