Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Let's just call it an experiment gone awry. Or amok. Or one of those "a" words normal people don't use in normal conversations.

Yesterday's lunch was grilled chicken, peppers and onions on a whole-wheat soft flour tortilla. And one of yesterday's snacks included Triscuits. And today I am up TWO pounds. I definitely think eliminating wheat is one more thing I need to do.

I'm trying not to be discouraged. It was an experiment, after all. And it seems to have worked. Especially considering that my calorie intake yesterday was 924 and my calorie burn (20-minute workout with weights, 35-minute walk, 30 minutes mopping the floors) was more than 500. Very similar numbers for Monday, as well.

eDiets has me eating a cheese/tomato/avocado sandwich for breakfast. I think not! I'm going to substitute another of their breakfast meals and hope for the best.

Did I mention I'm trying not to be discouraged? Hmmmm.

Knitting: Made some good progress on the Optically Delusional yesterday morning and started Part 4 of the FLAK yesterday afternoon.

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