Saturday, April 21, 2007


Your enthusiastic and supportive comments have put me in seventh heaven this week. I sincerely thank you, and I only wish you could all be in Nashville when I stumble across the finish line next Saturday.

Next Saturday! Gulp!

The extent of my physical activity yesterday was vacuuming and damp-mopping the floors. Oh, and 60 pliés. [I'm so glad that gives you a chuckle, PQ. And now we want a progress report!]

I spent most of the afternoon and part of the evening at the hospital [about seven hours, total]. Our friend remains critically ill; we didn't expect him to live through the night, but he's just not ready to go yet.

My long run today is the last one before the race. I think most training schedules begin the taper two weeks before race day, but I've followed this plan since mid-January and am more than pleased with my progress. In fact, I'm stunned that I've been able to accomplish what I have so far. So I'm sticking with it and will be running 12 miles today.

I'm going to park halfway along the four-mile-long road I've been using for long runs and double back on one end, rather than extending it up the road I went on last weekend. You know, the one with the, ahem, 'gentle' hills? I want flat, familiar territory this morning. Also? I can put a couple water bottles out by my car and grab them as I go past, rather than lug them with me. Today is a shorts-and-t-shirt day, and my shorts pocket is only large enough for a key and a stopwatch.

I've been running without music for a couple of weeks now and am surprised every time at how much I enjoy it. I never thought I'd be able to run faster without it than with it, but there you go.

It's been hard for me to write this week, with everything else going on. I appreciate it so much that you're still reading, despite the utter boredom of my drivel. I know it sounds like a junior-high diary: Went to school, ate lunch, walked home with my friends and then talked on the phone all night. Homework sucks. I wonder if you-know-who likes me?

Anyway, I'll get back in the swing of things once life settles down again.

One week until race day!


I am! said...

You are going to ROCK that race, Deb! So proud of you for all your hard work and determination - I will be thinking of you next Saturday and sending moderate temps and clear skies vibes in Nashville's direction.

Remember- no new gear on race day!


Mary Christine said...

I love your blog Debbi. I find the minute details of others lives endlessly fascinating... especially when they have so much in common with mine. Glad you can be there for your friend.

ws said...

I've used Runner's World smart coach to get a guideline of how to increase my miles. The week before my 1/2 I'm scheduled to run a full 13 miles and that will finish off a 49 mile week - I don't think I tapered for my other 1/2 either.

Perhaps I'll try running my 6-7 miles tomorrow without music and see how it goes - maybe I'll be faster. (I bike without music so I know I can tolerate the monotony)

Hopefully next week will be better and you'll have time to rest and think about how great it will feel to finish the race on Saturday.

Annie said...

60 Plies! Wow, I'm goign to have to try that. Although, my knees do creak like the ugly stepsister in Cinderella, so it will be a challenge. Looking forward to your race day. When do you head to Nashville?