Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Commence countdown

Today is the last day of counting double digits before the half-marathon. Life, of course, is getting kinda complicated. I suppose it's a test; I hope I pass.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter's oldest friend in the world is dying. He's lived a long and fulfilling life, and is fighting valiantly to stay with us. His daughters and his friends [known to one and all as "the poker boys"] have all given him 'permission' to let go, but he's stubborn and doesn't want to miss anything. It's unbelievably difficult to watch him struggle for each and every breath he takes.

The Virginia Tech massacre is weighing heavily on me, and not just because I live so close and know so many people who are connected to the university. I've heard from friends all over the country, offering support and prayers. This has touched us all. I'm irritated with those who proclaim, "Let the healing begin." Let us grieve. Please. Time is the great healer, and there's plenty of that [she said blithely, knowing full well that anything can happen at any time].

I did some stress-eating yesterday. If you run in the morning, you're supposed to eat carbs the night before, so I could just say I was following orders. But I know better, and you do, too.

I ran four miles on hills yesterday in slightly less than 51 minutes – that's my best time for that route. I ran halfway up almost all the hills, all the way up two of them and ran gently down all of them. Also ran all the flat spots. My knees feel fine; usually they're a little ouchy after hills. Must be all those pliés!

So. This is kind of a subdued [I always want to write "Sub Dude"] post. Not whiny, though, this being a No-Whine Zone. I'm just not feeling too chipper this morning.

Today's run is a 10-mile speed drill. How appropriate, with …

Ten days until race day.


AZ Hiker Chick said...

I hope today is a better day for both of us :)

~ Heather

Lori said...

Ten more days! Wow, this is so exciting. You are going to get Mr. Shrinking Knitter or other photobug to take photos?

I'm sorry about your friend. And you and I both are in agreement about "let the healing begin."

No one has to be chipper all the time (at least that's what some people have told me).

Jack Sprat said...

I'm counting down with you and sending you positive, warm, you-can-do-it vibes!!

As for the Virgina Tech slaughter, the thing is that we won't understand the implications and repercussions of it for quite some time. Just as people sought calm after 9-11, I think its natural for us to want to feel healed and whole after such an event. The reality is, there's still an emtpy hole at Ground Zero -- more than five years (and two wars) later ...

No wonder I feel like submerging myself in a vat of oreo filling.

ws said...

I didn't realize Country Music was a Saturday event - it's not stress eating, just early carb-loading.

I just have to laugh at those 10 mile speed workouts - I have some very good, long time runners that still find them grueling.