Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I dreamed I made spinach lasagna ...

in my Maidenform bra.

Raise your hand if you're old enough to remember those ads. Heh.

Seriously, last night I dreamt about making spinach lasagna in great detail. Whole-wheat noodles, fresh spinach [can you even make spinach lasagna with fresh spinach? All the recipes I have call for frozen-thawed-drained.], part-skim ricotta, long strips of fresh carrots, etc. The recipe was supposed to fit in a long rectangular casserole dish but I cut everything in half to make it work in an 8x8 square, since I was the only one I was cooking for. [For whom I was cooking. Whatever.] Where was Mr. Shrinking Knitter during this dream? Maybe he was still on his Vegas vacation.


I did four miles at an 11-minute pace Monday and four miles at a 12-minute pace yesterday. Today is one of those tempo runs: one mile warm-up, five miles running at 12:22 and one mile cooldown. Theoretically I can do this.

I'm having some sympathetic knee pain – not nearly as traumatic as Lori's, but yesterday my right knee hurt all day and evening. It was painful to walk, my knee is hot to the touch and it feels like a bruise when I press on it. I've been slathering on the Aspercreme, taking Aleve and wearing my patella strap. It's better this morning, but I'm not so sure it's a good idea to run hard today. It feels much better this morning, although still warm and still a bit of a bruisey feeling. Film at eleven!

Speaking of running, do go read about Lainey's Excellent Half-Marathon Adventure if you haven't already. I'm so proud of her!

Speaking of film – well, not really, since the camera is digital – I tried taking photos of the gorgeous full moon last night. My dogs were beside themselves, wondering why I was sitting on the patio when it was dark outside. They plastered themselves to the patio door and didn't move until I gave up. There's this thing called camera shake, you see. Which is why you're not going to see any of my attempts.

Oh, okay. Here are two. The first one clearly illustrates the concept of camera shake. This was using the "Sports" setting and auto focus:
And this was using manual focus, wedging myself into a chair and not breathing the whole time the camera was working its magic. [I was too lazy to drag the tripod out. So lame!]:
Okay. Off to find a spinach lasagna recipe using fresh spinach, before the bag in my crisper turns to green slime. Like the last one did.

Twenty-four days until race day.


denise said...

Nothing like full moon dreams! I always dream a lot - or I guess I just remember a lot of my dreams - during the full moon.

I recently dreamed that I had a bunch of fudgsicles (no sugar added, of course) in freezer. It was so vivid that a day later, I went to the fridge to get one...and there weren't any!

Loved your pics of the full moon. Very impressive. Good luck with the run - and the knee pain. I can sympathize with that as well.

Not sure of the advisability of running when you have a "specific" pain like you are describing. I recently had a trainer inquire about my pain and he said as long as it wasn't specific - which he described as something you could push on in a specific spot and feel pain, that I was o.k. to continue my workouts. So, that leads me to believe the symptoms you describe could be indicative of something you should not push through.

But then - I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on TV. And, as my orthopedist is fond of saying "you'll know when to stop and when to push through the pain." (I just hate when he says that, BTW.)


P.S. I DO remember those commercials, although I had not thought of them in years!

Anne M. said...

This is so great - your dream in such vivid detail (and yes, I *am* old enough to remember those Maidenform commercials!), your moon pics, and your bling from yesterday (I'm behind).

Please be careful about running with the knee. I'm having sympathetic pains with Lori, too, but I'm not training for a race. My doctor would tell you to slap a bag of frozen peas on it to help with swelling and pain control. It might help.

But only, of course, when you're not running on it!

PastaQueen said...

Good thing you are dreaming about healthy food and not junk. I once dreamt about chocolate eclairs and really wanted to eat one when I woke up.

Jack Sprat said...

I only ever dream about birthday cakes (the kind you used to make from a betty crocker mix, piled thick with frosting) and chocolate chip cookies. Spinach lasagne would be a new one for me!!

Also, I remember when TV was broadcast in black and white. But don't tell anyone!!!


Lori said...

I was just using the Maidenform bra ad as a joke when I went for my MRI. I said, do I need to take it off or will this end up being, "I dreamt I had an MRI in my Maidenform?" Luckily I had someone who knew what I was talking about.

The photos are cool. I've shot some cars at a shopping center and gotten the lights to do the same effect.

Spinach lasagna...mmm (using my Homer Simpson voice). I just wrote about lasagna before even seeing your post. What a coincidence!

I hope your knee is feeling better. Try the peas as Anne said. I vouch for their effectiveness. (Don't use frozen cherries -- too cold!)

PICAdrienne said...

I remember those commercials. I also remember the commercials, either for dish soap or hand lotion, where the Mom and daughter were comparing hands...and the mom of the college age daughter was about 40.

Lovely pictures.

Vickie said...

just posted this for Lori - here's your copy too

Mary Christine said...

I remember! How wonderful to be dreaming of spinach lasagna. I am still dreaming about smoking cigarettes!