Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm such a slacker.

A 10-mile speed drill goes something like this:
Mile 1: Warm-up walk
Miles 2 through 9: Alternate fast miles with walk/jog recovery half-miles
Mile 10: Cool-down walk

So the way it works out is that the last 1.5 is a recovery half followed by the cool-down. I figured I already knew how to walk, so I quit at nine. Besides, my car was right there and I had a hard time walking past it to get that last mile in.

I did the first two fast miles at 9:52 and 9:48. I was stunned! Who knew I could run that fast? [Quit snickering, WS!] Each subsequent mile was a little bit slower, and the last one was 11:26. I probably should have grabbed a gel pack to suck down halfway through, but I forgot, or didn't think I'd need it, or thought I was Superwoman or something like that.

In addition to being a slacker, I'm also delusional.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I will be at the hospital again today; there's little change in our friend's condition. His daughters seem to really appreciate our company and support, and there's no place we'd rather be.

I've had a couple of e-mails hoping Mr. SK will be taking photos at the race. I can guarantee you that he will not. His photography skills aren't good at all, and he'll be the first to admit. My daughter, however, is a pro; she'll be there with lenses and hoods and whatever else she needs to get the job done. And she also knows how to use Photoshop. Maybe I can get her to carve off 10 pounds or so before we post the finish-line shot. Heh.

Nine days until race day.


M@rla said...

I'm counting the days with you - this is so exciting!

AZ Hiker Chick said...

I am so excited for you! You just continue to amaze me.

My thoughts and prayers are with your friend, his family and friends.

Anne M. said...

You really are amazing with your commitment to doing this race - and most of us are delusional in one way or another.

I'm so proud of you for setting this goal and working on it at a steady pace throughout the past months. Soon you'll have your chance to run and just enjoy the experience.

Lori said...

That's so fast! I hope you remember how far you've come. I don't think you're a slacker OR delusional. Nine more days!

As I was telling my Siamese twin the other day, I said, "Rory, it's just amazing how Debbi does all of these things and she's one of the most sensible people I know." Rory twisted her widdle head up from under my armpit and kind of nodded her head. We both agreed that it's more fun to be delusional.

Maybe your daughter can take a photo of me and my twin, Rory (I hate to say this but she's the fat one).

Mariah said...

Slacker??? um......slacker?

Darlin' I don't think so. You have done what so few manage -- set a goal, stuck with it over the long haul, and are actually achieving that goal.

Amazing is more like it.
Wish I could be there to see you cross the finish line.


ws said...

First off, you are totally not a slacker, the long speed drills are painful. Secondly, as I suspected, your treadmill is like a jealous friend that won't admit you are cooler - I knew you were faster than the treadmill was saying...

I suffer from delusions of grandeur and sometimes I love every second of those escapes from reality.

Grumpy Chair said...

Nine days!!!

Can not wait to see the photos.

I think I have butterflies for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow - if you're a slacker, I must be ... dead (or at the very least comatose)! It's wonderful what you've been able to achieve. You are an inspiration to us all.

Your daughter's photographs are beautiful. Lucky you to have a pro to capture the big event.

Can't wait to see the pics. Wish it was this weekend instead of next. I'd be tempted to make the drive to Music City to see you cross the finish line myself. Unfortunately, next weekend I have commitments... :-(

denise (STILL need to figure out why my password stopped working!)