Saturday, April 07, 2007

Eleven miles today?

I don't think so.

I knew it was going to be cold today, actually the coldest day of the week. But I also knew I could tough it out for the first mile and I'd be comfortable the rest of the run.

But when I looked outside this morning the roads, cars, driveway, grass, trees and flowers are covered with this fine-textured powdery white substance. I'm not sure if the FBI will be coming to investigate an anthrax scare or not. I am sure that I'm switching today's and tomorrow's running schedules.

Tomorrow being Easter and all, Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I will be taking his mother to church and out to dinner. He'll come home to take a nap, because he always eats too much at Easter dinner. Knowing I'll be running in the afternoon will be an excellent incentive for me to eat moderately and wisely.

There's really nothing that could make me run today. I'll lift weights, though, so I don't feel like a total slug.

Jen commented yesterday: "
Running makes me hungry, and especially hungry for carbs. Are you making allowances for your activity when you plan out your diet?"

So here's what I wrote back to her: "Running doesn't necessarily make me hungry; that is, I don't feel ravenous or have stomach pains or anything like that. But I am eating more, and especially eating more carbs, during this period of intense training. I'm not even trying to juggle the YOAD plan (or any other specific eating plan) at this point. I'm just trying to get to the starting line, and then the finish line!

I'm still keeping track of everything I eat, and I'm still making healthful choices. I think any dietitian looking at my daily food intake would approve. But in order to make it through these longer running days, I have to eat more calories than my particular stubborn body needs in order to lose weight."

It felt really good to come to the conclusion that weight loss isn't the priority right now. I wish I'd known that a month or so ago. I feel less frustrated – really! – just writing it down. So thanks, Jen! Turns out you gave me more to think about than yesterday's quote did.

's feeling terrific today, bad knee and all, with the news that she won't have to have surgery after all. I'm really happy for you, Lori, and I just know physical therapy will be as good a workout as tennis lessons would have been.

Three weeks until race day!


Mary Christine said...

What a wonderful post. You just summed up my training right now. I am not going out for my long run today - because of ice and snow. I will get out tomorrow... and it will be good. I have decided I have to stop obsessing about my weight too. I just need to focus on my training.
Have a wonderful Easter.

jen said...

Glad I could help. :)