Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random thoughts or the usual madness – you decide


I did a little scale hop this morning and was shocked – shocked! – to see I've lost 10 pounds since my regular Tuesday morning weigh-in.

April Fool!

You know I'm feeling pretty good about things when I can joke about something as serious as that. Heh.
I'm thinking about Lainey a lot this morning. She hasn't published a post-race update yet, but she's probably already finished her first half-marathon [I'm pretty sure this is the one she did], since it's early afternoon in Edinburgh as I'm writing this.

While Lainey has decided that, as she says, she's so over long-distance running, I'm already trying to decide which race to do next. Running at my age isn't the easiest exercise I could choose to do, but it seems to be the best for me. And believe me: I've tried them all.

Well, not tai chi. But everything else.
Mother Nature was cooperative yesterday in drying up the rain mid-morning, allowing me to run nine miles outside. It went well, although I was a little slower – 105 minutes – than I'd like. I did nine miles in 102 minutes several weeks ago, but haven't been able to match that time/distance combo since. I think I'll just take a nice long walk today, which is a scheduled rest day. Or maybe I'll go shopping. I pretty much have the day to myself and there's no good sports on until tonight. [Mr. Shrinking Knitter is out of town this weekend, and tonight is the first baseball game of the season! Yeah! Opening Day! Or Night, as it were.]

[By the way, have y'all noticed that sports is my reality TV? You know what I'll be doing Monday night, right? Go, Bucks! Beat those Gators!]
Someone visited my blog yesterday by searching for the words "broken metabolism." I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
Thanks for the nice comments you left yesterday about my writing. I seem determined today to prove you wrong. Heh. Next time I decide to go off on a tangent I might tell you about the time I crashed my dad's airplane. Into a Honda.
Okay, off to straighten up the house and figure out how to fill the next 11.5 hours until the first pitch.

Twenty-seven days until race day.


Shauna said...

you had me there debbi :P

i hope lainey will get online soon and tell her story but i watched her cross the line a few hours ago and i am so bloody proud of her. i had a few wee tears on the bus back home. she's a legend :)

Mary Christine said...

You really got me with that 10 lbs! Congrats on your 9 mile run.

I knitted a bowl last week, it is cute. I have put little balls of yarn in it. Thanks for the pattern.

Grumpy Chair said...

I have declared you, Jen and WS my new heroes for the entire week.

The ability to jog 13 miles is beyond my comprehension/ability.