Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Quote Day

there aren't enough sit-ups
in the world
to take you back in time.
so i'm working
on embracing the present,
including my present body.

~ amy
Doesn't that just sum it all up? Amy is one of my regular blog reads, and probably one of yours, as well. If she isn't, you really ought to add her to your Google Reader feeds [click on her name to jump to her blog].

For as long as I can remember [well, maybe not quite that long, but since I was in my late teens] I've heard and read that accepting what we have, where and who we are, how life is – acceptance is the answer. When I got sober I heard it again and again, at nearly every meeting, along with this strange concept of living 'just for today,' with no regrets for what has been.

I know I have to plan the plans, but not the results, and apparently I haven't been living by that precept particularly well or this staying the same weight, week in and week out, wouldn't be so frustrating.

There's always something else to work on. Will we ever be finished?

If you have the Quote of the Day on your Google homepage, here's what you saw yesterday:
Ellen. She cracks me up. A good comedian will take what is, twist it a bit and make us laugh at the truth, instead of whine or moan or bitch about it. Can you study that? If so, sign me up. But I think it takes a special way of looking at the world to be good at it.

Responding to Denise's comment from yesterday's post, here's a pattern for you to knit your own! Missing any other body parts? Let me know ... I can probably find a pattern for it. Heh.

ws left an answer to a recent question: Yes, they will run the half-marathon if it rains. I assumed they would. I remember when Oprah did the Marine Marathon in the rain, and how she fussed about her hair. Good idea to have someone along the way with dry socks and shoes if it's precipitating. Thanks, ws, for that suggestion and for being in my corner, so to speak.

I appreciate all your comments and support. I'm getting very antsy. I told Mr. Shrinking Knitter I'm having trouble sitting still and I can't quite focus on whatever is at hand. It's difficult to sit through the news – well, it's almost always difficult to sit through the news, but for different reasons – but it's also difficult to sit through a baseball game, something I used to have no problem doing.

I did find a movie last night that held my attention [and I made lots of progress on the pink garter-stitch pullover!]. I wouldn't have given Without Limits a second glance had I not started running.

Since I'm way off schedule this week anyway, today is not only not a rest day, it's not even going to be yesterday's scheduled three-mile run. The way the weather is looking this weekend here in the Middle of Nowhere, today is the optimal day to do Saturday's long run. Rain is coming in for the weekend, and even some snow – maybe a lot of it! – is predicted for Sunday.

And so even though I've planned the plan, the result is I'll be running 11 miles today instead of tomorrow. Which means two weeks in a row of a nice, long, restful weekend.

I rather like that result!

One more, before I go:

So it goes.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

Fifteen days until race day.


Amy said...

you make me feel profound, we should get married.

Anonymous said...

Well gee...since I haven't been able to manage finishing the dishcloth I started knitting 4 months ago, I don't guess I'll be getting to that uterus any time soon! Oh well...guess I'd best plan on holding on to my other body parts, since knitting new ones doesn't seem to be an option!

Good luck with that 11 mile run. I'm so impressed with your training - and envious of your ability to set a goal and stick with it.

(denise again - password still not working, guess I need to look into that!)

Annie said...

Though it's not running...I remember one year walking for the march of dimes and it pouring rain after we got started, and rained for about 30 minutes. I did the whole thing anyway and it destroyed the shoes I was wearing. There were all twisted funny and stuff. Could have been cheap shoes (I use to be able to wear those okay before I gained all this weight) or it might do that to any pair. It sure would have been nice to have had someone out there with an extra pair of dry ones though.

Debbi said...

Amy, you are profound! What's a good day for you? Heh. I'm booked the 28th and Memorial Day weekend, but should be able to plan a ceremony any other time this spring.

You crack me up.

Amy said...

spring, how bourgeois!

i couldn't help myself. i just couldn't.

jen said...

My suggestion would be to save the dry shoes and socks (and other clothes) for after the race, when you'll really want them. Just get yourself some blister-proof socks. Your feet will be warm enough while you're running that you won't feel the wet.