Monday, April 16, 2007

Pliés, please

Our friend Lori is having trouble following her physical therapist's suggestion to do 30 deep knee bends each day. Understandably, she's afraid of reinjuring her knee, and, face it: It's hard to hang out by yourself doing exercises. That's why gym classes were invented, isn't it? Heh.

So here's the deal. You brush your teeth twice a day, right? While you're working that minty fresh magic, point your toes out, keep your back straight and lower your butt toward the floor 15 times. It's a solidarity thang. Too bad we can't take pledges and collect money for starving ballerinas.

Seriously … let Lori know you're supporting her efforts to get back to normal mobility. It'll make her smile. She could use a smile.

To answer WS's question about tapering: This week is still at 31 miles – three three-mile runs, a 10-mile speed drill and a 12-mile long run. Next week it drops to 11 miles plus the race: two threes and a five. The road I use for the easy runs is two miles out and back for a four-mile total, and I'm perverse [or maybe OCD?] enough that I just can't stop until I get to the end of the road. So this week I'll be logging 34 miles.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I were at the hospital yesterday afternoon visiting a friend. The friend's daughters were there, and upon learning I'd run more than 30 miiles last week one said, "Wow! You can probably eat anything you want!"

SNORT! Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I kind of looked sideways at each other and I just said, "Oh, don't I wish." And then I dropped it. You'd have been so proud.

[We went back last night and our friend was doing much better! He's like a cat with nine lives; I think this is about his seventh.]

As I mentioned yesterday morning, it was pouring down rain. About 11 a.m. it kind of let up a bit so I grabbed my old shoes and headed out for the easy-run road. Sunday has always been a rest day, but I hadn't run on Saturday and I was really antsy. A short run seemed like a great idea. And it was! I didn't take the Shuffle or the stopwatch [although I did glance at the clock in the car at the beginning and end – 50 minutes], and I really had fun. The south side of the road is bordered by a cliff, with lots of baby waterfalls – freshets [a good Scrabble word, by the way] – springing out of the rocks. The Greenbrier river runs along the north side. Usually a clear-green, gentle, meandering creek, it's now swollen and muddy and lapping at some people's porches.

Shortly after lunch the winds picked up and the temperature dropped, and it's no better this morning. I'd like to think my inner coach was the one who said running yesterday was a good idea. If I do anything today it'll be on the treadmill. Maybe I'll try to match PQ's personal best speed for a mile.

And then I'll call 9-1-1.

[And speaking of PQ, her blog has been nominated for a Blogger's Choice award. Vote early and often! Heh.]

Twelve days until race day.


Put it in my mouth said...

I'm going to go do 30 knee bends for Lori right now! That's such a sweet supportive idea.

Grumpy Chair said...

Got my 30 done this afternoon, while in the kitchen cooking dinners for the week.

ws said...

Thank you again for the compliment.

As I mentioned previously, I hate treadmills, but I think your treadmill is lying to you.

It doesn't matter though. Training for a 1/2 or full marathon, starting and finishing the race is more satisfying than any one good mile. Besides, you'll run 13.1 awesome miles soon and forget about this one entirely.