Friday, October 13, 2006

No more walking for you, young lady!

I tried fitness walking again yesterday. I'd originally intended to do a four-mile loop, but ended up doing 3.6 miles. That's tacking a trip to the post office onto the end of a two-mile loop. I also walked later in the day, about a mile, waiting for an oil change. I'm soooo paying for it!

By late afternoon I was limping. No more gory details, but I'm definitely going to have to substitute some other form of exercise for outdoor walking. No. Matter. How. Pretty. It. Is. Outside.

I couldn't be more bummed. Whine, whine, whine. Are you as tired of my bitching as I am?

I've made an appointment with my family doctor. I need a new prescription for the only daily medication I take, and it's time I had some bloodwork done, so I'll take the opportunity to talk with him about the foot pain while I'm there.

The last time I was in his office was June 12, getting a tetanus shot for the dog bite. Even though I'm not a big health-care consumer, he remembered my struggles with my weight, and he commented on how much I'd lost since the last time I was in. I've lost 12 more pounds since then … think he'll notice?

Okay, enough with the organ recital. [That's what Mr. Shrinking Knitter calls people who go on and on and on about their health problems when all you did was innocently ask 'how are you?'. And you didn't even ask!]

Note to Greta [and anyone else having trouble with Blogger-hosted blogs]: I recently switched to the new beta blogger, and there are some browser issues, most notably with Safari. Perhaps that was causing the trouble with comments? They're working on it, so they say.

I've started making Tilt, using Noro Cotton Kureyon, a space-dyed cotton/wool blend similar to their all-wool Kureyon. You start by knitting the 'skirt' of the jacket sideways, two pieces from center front to center back, which are then joined. The color stripes run vertically – always a flattering look. The skirt part is straight back-and-forth stockinette, but the bodice is knitted diagonally, and I like the look of it very much. It'll be a good jacket option for cool weather, and it's going quickly on size 8 needles, so I'll actually get to wear it this fall.

Two years ago in October I'd just finished this poncho, and I loved wearing it. I felt like an old hippie – very Bohemian. I even felt tall when I wore it. [I'm only 5' 2", so anything that makes me feel tall is a Good Thing.] I wore it instead of a coat all winter. Mostly because I didn't have a coat that fit, and I didn't want to buy one. You know. Because I was going to Lose Weight.

Well, I recently tried it on; the fringe drags the floor and the neckline is huge. I guess I didn't realize 40 pounds of extra girth would make it fit so differently. You wouldn't think you'd have fitting issues with a poncho, would you?


Lori said...

I'm sorry about your walking. If it looks like it does outside my window here in Central Va., it's not a good day to be outside. Rain, cold...

I used to get on the treadmill all the time until my hip hurt on one side. I switched around but I think it's one of many very complicated reasons for me trying to learn how to swim -- what if I managed at this age to get a sports-related injury? (Just typing that shows how much I've changed in the past year.)

And, I'm sure your doctor will notice you've lost weight. Isn't it nice not to have to worry about the "lecture"?h

The poncho story is funny; one size doesn't fit all! Now you have a new project.

Get well!

denise said...

Your poncho story makes me want to go try mine on. I have one that was made for me by a friend of the family when I was in high school...that was - well, let's just say the hippie analogy was appropriate.

Last year, I found it at my Mother's house while looking for something else and brought it back with me, had it dry-cleaned (had been in a barrel for >20 years) and then never ended up wearing it. There's just not that much opportunity to wear a wool poncho in Atlanta, as it turns out.

I do recall trying it on last year and thinking it looked o.k. I've got to be a good 50-60 pounds heavier than I was in high school, so I guess it's easier to stretch it out than to have the excess material...OR...maybe it didn't look as good as I thought!

Now I'll have to give it another try when I get home!