Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blog break alert

Since Dooce didn't allow comments on her October 24 post, I'm adding one here, in the form of a quote I found years ago [1994, to be exact]:
"When you run a picture of a nice, clean-cut All-American girl like this, get her tits above the fold."
Al Neuharth
Founder of USA Today
You'll have to go read Dooce's post to figure out the connection. And none of this has anything to do with weight loss or knitting, obviously, but it's my blog and I'll go off on a tangent if I want to. Besides, tomorrow is quote day and I won't be here. Didn't want you to miss anything.

In case you're wondering why that quote showed up in my little universe 12 years ago, I used to work for a newspaper [as a graphic designer] and my son is a journalist. I made him a T-shirt with journalism quotes all over the front and back. It would undoubtedly be much easier to find interesting quotes now, with the internets and all, than it was then. It is, in fact, easier to make a T-shirt now than it was then, what with ink-jet printers and T-shirt transfers and all.

And if you're getting all huffy about the substance of that quote, remember that the Shrinking Knitter didn't say it … I'm just bringing it to the attention of the world. Or at least the 17 of you who read this blog. If you feel like protesting, quit buying USA Today.

The large swatch skirt for Tilt has been machine-washed and -dried and looks much better than it did right off the needles. I think I'll finish it. The charcoal grey sock has a heel, but don't even expect a photo of it. Nothing could be more boring. The heel I used is here, which Wendy pointed to a couple days ago. I'll decide later if I use it again. As Wendy notes, it's a little bumpier on the inside than the usual wrapped short-row heel, so it might not be as comfortable to wear.

Three pairs of pants got hemmed yesterday. Two pairs did not [one is a lined pair of wool slacks, and I think I need help pinning them up]. Nor did the skirt, which is stretchy-jersey-slippery, and needs serging rather than sewing. But I crossed the job off the list with great satisfaction, along with the "clean" item which is perpetually there. My house is now vacuumed, mopped, dusted and somewhat de-cluttered and I have new clothes to take on my getaway. I felt like a machine at the end of the day! Only a couple more little things to do today and I can leave with a clean conscience. And a clean house.

Food has been great this week. Exercise? Not so much. I'll be walking outside today to test my heel. The weather should be lovely and I'm looking forward to it.

As I am to my little trip. I plan to be back next Friday.


mehitabel said...

Enjoy your trip! Hope it's fun, relaxing, productive, whatever you want it to be!

Jonathan said...


Thanks for the link. I hadn't read her blog before. My feeling is (1) freedom of expression is critical to all other kinds of freedom and (2) anyone who can write as cleverly and freshly as that can get away with being a little edgy and profane.

Sadly, I'm neither as clever nor as fresh so I'll stick to my PG-13 style. = )

Happy trails.