Thursday, October 19, 2006

I heart Dr. C, the sequel

He noticed! The first thing my doctor said yesterday when he walked into the examination room was that I'd lost more weight.

If you'll recall from previous posts, I'm not a big health-care consumer, and I'm always surprised when my doctor knows who I am. But when I mentioned to Mr. Shrinking Knitter [who is a physician – should I call him Dr. Shrinking Knitter? – nah, I don't think so] that Dr. C commented on the additional weight loss, he [Mr. SK] said that doctors are trained to notice things like that.

So even if it was careful training, I was delighted.

[An aside: I ran into an acquaintance in the grocery later yesterday who clearly did not know who I was for the first couple of minutes of our conversation. When she figured it out, she then said, "You've cut your hair … very flattering!"

I get that a lot.]

Dr. C agreed with my diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, and recommended some stretching exercises which are illustrated in this article. He said another week to 10 days of rest, along with careful stretching, and I should be good to go again. He was quite matter-of-fact about it, which was most reassuring. He emphasized that stretching after a good long walk is more important than before – something I've read, but never done. How's that for crazy?

He also ordered bloodwork, which I haven't had done in a year. I'm anxious to see if the past nine months of careful eating and exercise have improved my cholesterol numbers, which had been creeping into not-so-good territory.

Okay! Enough with the organ recital! I'm starting to sound like one of those old people who can't wait to tell you about their last trip to the doctor.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what I am! But that's the beauty of a blog: I get to talk about whatever I want, and if you've read this far, you have to read it. Heh.

I got an e-mail from someone at Women's Health magazine, suggesting that a recent article they did rating healthful, tasty menu items from some leading chain restaurants might be of some interest to you. I'm never sure whether I should pimp at someone else's request, but in this case the information is something I'll use, so I figure you might use it, as well. I happen to have gift cards for two of the 10 surveyed restaurants in my wallet. Now I know what to eat at Applebee's and Outback next time I get to a City.

'Cause you know the only place to eat here in the Middle of Nowhere is my dining room.

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Teresa said...

A good yoga pose for massaging the feet is bound angle pose. I typically sit on the edge of a folded blanket to help tip my pelvis forward just a little bit. Sit on the floor with soles of your feet together, with your knees out to the side. You can sit straight up, or lean forward with a straight back just until you feel the stretch. Now, reach down and grasp your feet. You can rotate the bottoms of your feet up so the sole of your foot is facing up slightly. Now, this is when you gently massage your feet. Feels good.