Saturday, October 14, 2006


This blog has slowly been turning into something I don't want it to be. I'm not inspired; I'm discouraged, and my discouragement is showing. From now on, if I don't have something upbeat and positive to say, I'm not saying anything.

When I first started reading weight-loss blogs I found a few that were truly motivating, and I read them voraciously. I went through their archives, printed out pieces that really spoke to me and checked for new posts every day.

If I had come across the Shrinking Knitter in the last month or so [wedding and wedding party posts excepted], I wouldn't give it a second glance.

No more! From now on it's Positive Mental Attitude. That goes for you, too. Heh.

So what if I can't walk, let alone run, outside? I'm so fortunate to have an alternative that allows me to burn tons o' calories in far less time. Forty-five minutes of vigorous rowing – which I can do, continuously – burns 648 calories, according to CalorieKing. It would take 67 minutes of jogging at 5mph or
135 minutes of brisk walking to yield the same results. – neither of which are possible right now.

I'm no dummy. More time to knit!

[Think I could get a job on a cable news program? I may not be able to spin fiber, but I can sure spin an idea if it suits me!]

So. New rules. NO whining, NO belly-aching, NO grousing. I know I'm not clinically depressed; I'm simply feeling sorry for myself and this is one case where pulling me up by my Dr. Scholl inserts can and will bring about positive change.

I like the strong, capable feeling I get after a rowing session, particularly the morning after. My back and shoulders feel lean and mean, just like my attitude.

I am woman; hear me roar!

Moving on …

LME's getting married tomorrow. Wish her well!

Also, be sure to stop by and give Chris a high five. He's doing his first 5K today. His post yesterday about being the biggest guy in a line of skinny little runners will make you think. He seemed to take it in stride. I hope he does well and has lots of fun doing it. And whatever your weekend plans, I hope the same for you.


mehitabel said...

Attitude is everything and I hope the emphasis on the positive will work for you! "They" say that if you imagine it, emphasize it and work for it, you can reach most any goal--well, realistic ones anyway. If rowing instead of walking will give you the same calorie burn in less time, then go row row row! (But don't hesitate to share when you are discouraged about something, hell's bells, not being able to walk outside is a real bummer!)

Vickie said...

You might actually have lost if you started a new/intense exercise and the scale stayed the same. When I change gears (food being a constant) - the scale usually dips up a little bit and then goes back to where it was, and THEN starts back down. If you are getting more upper body on the rower (I assume you probably are) then you might be experiencing this same phenomenon.