Saturday, October 07, 2006

How to increase your blog hits

That title should get some Google referrals, shouldn't it?

Yesterday was a record day for the Shrinking Knitter, thanks to everyone seeing spots – knitting spots, that is – at Crazy Aunt Purl's. If you want to get a ton of traffic at your blog, figure out a way to get linked from hers. Thanks, Laurie!

That's my tech tip du jour.

The shopping trip went well. We now have a flat-screen television which will fit on a bookshelf in the bedroom, so we can at least see the news without having to traipse over to the second floor of the unattached garage. We're such wimps here in the Middle of Nowhere. We were willing – nay, eager! – to spend hundreds of dollars so we wouldn't have to bundle up in a coat and slog through potential snow to watch Keith Olbermann.

Actually, the purchase has been in the budget for quite some time; we just haven't had time to go shopping. There was this wedding celebration that kind of took up all our time the last couple of months.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter suggested looking for new running shoes without even so much as a peep from me. I think I'll keep him. I tried on several pairs, and almost had a heart attack when I saw the prices of top-of-the-line Nikes these days. The ones I eventually chose weren't the cheapest, nor were they the most expensive. They are just right. I hope, anyway. I wore them around the mall, then to lunch, then to Sam's Club and they feel good. Great arch support and very lightweight.

Boy, running shoes come in weird and ugly colors these days. In my opinion, that is. You might love wearing neon green or hot pink on your feet, but I don't. I had a hard time finding plain old white shoes, and I have to tell you that's a major reason I bought these. [They're Nike Air Max 95 Zens, in case you're curious.]

They're getting another short workout this morning, when I go to our nearest town's Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. I had volunteered to help organize it this year, but wasn't able to make a single meeting. That
wedding celebration again. So the least I can do is show up and walk with them and give them some money. Every little bit helps.

If you clicked on the FatBlogger and DietGirl links yesterday, you already know that!

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Lori said...

Great shoes! You're right about the color of shoes; maybe it's a marketing strategy to get people to buy more than one pair in order to match their clothes. I need to buy another pair of shoes for the gym but $$ prevails.

I hope the walk went well; I want to participate next year in our event.

BTW, I posted something about Alyssa Milano in one of my posts and that's one of the consistent searches. Poor guys, looking for her and finding my stuff.

Thanks for the links! I had been to DietGirl and FatBlogger is really cool.