Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Curry, anyone?

Thanks for your sweet and kind comments yesterday. The more we hear about the incident at the Amish school, the worse it gets, doesn't it? I'm not sure why this is affecting me the way it is. I can't get the picture of all those innocent little girls out of my mind.

Not taking care of myself won't help them or me, though, and I did better yesterday with both exercise and food. I even cooked dinner for one. My husband was out of town; I rarely fix a Real Recipe just for me when he's gone.

On my Google homepage, one of the 'segments' is a Recipe of the Day. I ignored the tempting title of
this one for quite a while, thinking it would be too high-calorie to fit into my plan. If you're a fan of curried dishes, do try it.

I modified it to bring it in at less than 350 calories – including the rice! – and made a generous single serving of it very easily. Since I'm a pinch-here and dash-there kind of cook, I don't dare try to write down the changes I made. Basically I reduced the amount of chicken to four ounces, substituted cooking spray for the olive oil and slashed all the other ingredients by three-fourths or more. I probably could have had just as tasty a dish with only one tablespoon of peanut butter. I also added a handful of snow peas for extra crunch and color.

I've switched my calories in/calories out software program from Don's Calorie Tracker to the more expensive but far more comprehensive Calorie King. If you're running Macintosh OS X and have been looking for a standalone product similar to FitDay, this is it. They offer a seven-day free trial download, just to get you hooked. So far it has everything I've been looking for.

I both lifted weights and rowed yesterday. I quit my morning rowing after 20 minutes, but didn't shower right away, thinking I'd do more later. And I did do 20 more minutes in the early afternoon. Twenty minutes at a time is easier to take at this stage than doing 40 or 60 all at once.

The twin sweaters are both finished and blocked. I've found suitable buttons and will be sewing them on this morning and mailing the package today. [Photos here tomorrow.] I then found all the pieces of the Seville Jacket that I'd stashed in a drawer when we had houseguests, so putting it together will be my next project. The sleeves need to be ripped back a couple inches at the top, as there's too much fabric to fit neatly into the armsceye. How do I know? I've sewn one in, and am in the process of taking out that seam now.

In knitting and in weight loss, it's two steps forward and one step back.


Jonathan said...

Debbi: In the meeting I was leading tonight, I saw a Lifetime member (very beautiful, intelligent and kind) who, during her weight loss phase NEVER ONCE gained. Never! During her weight loss phase she was chipper and funny and full of suggestions and all around just a happy camper. Now, however, facing the much more BORING goal of maintaining her new, healthy weight, she is stone quiet, clearly disappointed and losing resolve.

My point is that these wretched stretches of purgatory when there's no progress in the weight loss phase can sometimes be the one thing that we need most. Because when (amen, hallelujah) you get to goal, you want to know that you can make it through bad news, rough sailing, lean times and forbidden fruits.

Hang in there!


mehitabel said...

As long as it's not one step forward and two steps back, I guess that's progress, right? And I think it's wonderful that you could fix a nice (and healthy) meal for yourself. Also glad to hear the heel is responding to rest. Sometimes that's all it takes, and it doesn't usually hurt to give it a try. Keep up the good work!