Thursday, October 25, 2007

Where does the time go?

I woke up late, late, late this morning. Well, later than usual for me, anyway.

It's not like I have to get up and shower and eat and race off to work. I kind of mosey [that's another word I've heard all my life] down the hallway, make the coffee, feed the dogs and park myself in front of the computer. To play. To read e-mail and blogs and the New York Times. To check my stats. To post something here.

We had buckets o' rain throughout the night and it was quite dark when I opened my eyes at 7-ish. I'm an early riser – it's not unusual for me to be up and at 'em by 5:30 – so 7-ish feels, as I said, late, late, late.

And it's only going to get darker, as the days get shorter and Daylight Savings Time once again goes by the wayside. We set the clocks back, thus losing an hour, November 3.

The night before the half-marathon.

Most likely, it won't be a problem. I've had trouble sleeping the night before the two previous long races I've done, so losing an extra hour should be no biggie. She says, trying to stay positive about it. Heh.

So. Yes, Laura, I will have another chance to run in the rain. This morning, as a matter of fact. Today is Tempo Run Day – one mile warm-up, six miles at the blistering speed of 11:51/mile, one mile cooldown. I found a water-repellant baseball cap and am trying to think of an evil, maniacal mantra to simulate having a pacer, per Wendy's suggestion. Any ideas? I'm leaving in an hour, so if you have something, give it to me soon!

Lori suggested eBay for more of the shorts I like. I checked, didn't find anything, but did a Google search and found them on sale at Activa Sports. Two pair are winging their way to me. Or maybe they're in a truck. Just in time for cold weather! Thanks for the nudge, Lori. I'd looked earlier and gave up too soon. I've never been known for my tenacity.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter might dispute that. Heh.


Laura N said...

I've always hated changing the clocks (either way--I just get jet lag for a week), but it's really noticeable this time since it's pushed back a few weeks. It was still dark at 7 a.m. here, too (of course the cloud cover didn't help). I'll be sad when it's dark at 5, but it's just unnatural for it to be dark that late in the morning.

Hope your tempo run went/goes well. Evil mantra's? "WWWD - What Would Wendy Do?" HA!

Glad you found some shorts--I love internet shopping.

jeannie crockett said...

Don't we gain an hour? If you go to bed at 11:00 pm, by the time you've slept three hours, it is 2:00AM. And we set the clock back to 1:00 AM and you get an extra hour of sleep---or you wake up raring to go at the "normal" hour. You will probably be sleepy at 10:00 PM on Sunday night though. Because you body will be convinced it is really 11:00 PM! And, of course, the race will make you tired, too!
Go, girl, go. We are all rooting for you!

Mary Gee said...

The fall change of time is my favorite! I get an extra hour and it is light earlier - for a week or two anyway. I get up as early as 3, so I like it to be light earlier!