Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Think the rain'll hurt the rhubarb?

I don't know if that's a Midwestern colloquialism or just a family one, but I've heard it all my life during periods of rain. Around here? Not so much. Regarding the rain, I either hear, "Boy, we can sure use it!" or "If it don't [sic] stop, that river's gonna flood for sure."

What does rain have to do with running? Squishy sneakers. Sloppy socks. But how would I know? Because I've never run in the rain! One time last spring it started sprinkling toward the end of a run, but this? What we have today? This is rain, people.

Boy, we can sure use it.

So I'll be venturing out a little later into new territory. I'm sure everything will look different with the glowing patina of wetness. I guess I shouldn't have complained about my boring routes yesterday. Proving, once again, that you should be careful what you wish for.

Y'al know this is a [mostly] no-whine zone. Laura, I've used MapMyRun rather laboriously in the past. Dial-up? Sucks. [And so glad Sophie's doing better!] It's probably faster to get in the car and drive around for an hour, measuring distances and avoiding hills, than it is to use the site, as cool and wonderful as it is. For anyone out there who has a high-speed connection, though, do check it out; it's a great resource and one of those ingenious [and free!] ways the internet makes life so much easier. And earth-friendly! 'Cause sitting on your ass mapping a run burns way less fuel than sitting in your car.

And now, for something completely different …

Guess who's posting again in the diet blogosphere? JuJu! She's moved her blog to Wordpress and I know I'm not the only one out here who's happy she's back. And, get this, she's also knitting! Obsessively!

And so have I. This weekend I finished a pair of fingerless mittens and two bookmarks. That may not sound like much [and the bookmarks weren't; I was just trying out a couple of lacy stitch patterns], but the mitts were stranded colorwork, which requires constant attention to detail. When I was on the thumb of the second one, I saw a teensy-tiny error on the first one, but couldn't figure out how to duplicate it. So … I'm just following the tradition of Middle Eastern carpet weavers, who incorporated deliberate flaws in their work because only Allah could create anything perfect.


Lori said...

I don't mind them gray skies...

I know you're speaking the truth about never running in the rain but it really made me pause. That's a long drought you have had. (Then I just realized that maybe it never rained in the morning when you ran, duh.) I hope you have fun in it but be careful. (Using my mother's voice, ACK!)

That's such an interesting way to look at mistakes. I love it immensely.

Laura N said...

I love how you're working with the knitting flaw. If that just doesn't speak volumes about life!

I totally forgot about you being dial up--sorry about rubbing salt in that wound. ;-) Thanks for the well wishes on Sophie.

I am looking forward to your report on running in the rain. I haven't ever either, and the running peeps are telling me it's the best. Since you're a rain virgin too, please let us all know how it goes. And what did you wear? I have no idea what I need to wear other than a hat or visor. But I've gotta do something. This treamill thing is gonna kill me otherwise.

Thanks for the link to JuJu. I look forward to adding another blog to my long list of favorites.

Have a super day, girl!

knittingjuju said...

Can't wait to hear how that run went. I love running in the rain-- for short runs. You can bring up blisters pretty fast in wet shoes. But if there's lightning? Stay indoors? For us?