Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They want you [well, me] as a new recruit

Okay, I know it's spam, but still. I got an e-mail yesterday from the Navy. Did, too! Here's a partial screenshot:

I guess they saw me cross the finish line at the Army Ten-Miler and decided to try to get me on their side. See what it says there in the first line? I have talent, determination and discipline. Heh.

And isn't this so cool? All I have to do is take a look at their offer and I get five free music downloads! Woo hoo!

The ATM didn't do me in. But there's always City of Oaks coming up in, gulp, 18 days.

As I mentioned Monday, Sunday's long run went very well. I even learned that I could pick up the pace a little bit when two puppies started chasing me down the road. I wasn't afraid of them, but I didn't want them following me so I outran them! Puppies!

I knew you'd be impressed.

Yesterday's easy run was supposed to be three miles at 13:08 [that's glacial for some of you, I know], and I spanked it. Did three miles fairly easily, and then I ran the extra mile to get back to my car. There was some, um, walking involved along with maybe a slight hill. Or two. The final pace was 12:19. I guess that qualifies as easy. It's good to see some progress, and I have to give Mother Nature all the credit. Cool temperatures and low humidity make a huge difference.

I see that many of you clicked out to visit Skwigg's blog post with the quotes and her great philosophy of life and fitness and food. You're welcome! I myself am not even close to being there yet, but I did print out the post and it will soon be Something to Read When I'm Still Not Losing Weight.

Along with maybe that really motivating e-mail. From the Navy! [Thank you, Village People, for the following lyrics. And no, I didn't have them committed to memory. That's what Lyrics007 is for.]

In the Navy …
Where can you find pleasure

Search the world for treasure
Learn science technology
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true


Grumpy Chair said...

You know, I wouldn't mind going through the bootcamp, as long as that was all I was committed to.

Remember the movie "Stripes" with Bill Murray? The overweight fellow (John Candy) joined the army to lose weight and become a "lean mean fighting machine!"

Lori said...

Remember that parody of the Navy commercials back in the early 80's? You'd see seaman peeling potatoes, scrapping the barnacles on the hull and the announcer would say, "The Navy. It's not just a job. It's $98.25 a week!"

(Hopefully the salary has increased a bit more.) I'm still laughing about you outrunning the puppies so they wouldn't follow you home. :-) Thanks again for the Skwigg website. It is very inspirational.