Monday, October 22, 2007

High anxiety

Well, for me anyway.

Mr. Shrinking Knitter will tell anyone who asks that I exhibit less stress than anyone he knows. Maybe I keep it all inside, I don't know. I do know I haven't always been this way; it's a recent phenomenon.

Just ask my former husbands. Or children. Heh.

At any rate, I spent the weekend worrying about the developing pain in my left heel. I'm sure I'm getting plantar fasciitis again. By yesterday afternoon I had consulted with both real people and Dr. Internet, and was icing, stretching, elevating and otherwise babying that baby, and this morning I woke up with no heel pain at all.

Was it real, or was it Memorex?

Doesn't matter, does it? I thought it was real, and I let it cut my Sunday long run from 10 miles to six. I can sort of justify it, though, because the Sunday I ran the Army Ten-Miler, I was only suppsed to do four. So that puts me two miles ahead, right?

I'm on a pace to run more miles in October than I have since I started keeping track in July. Each month I've added a few more. When City of Oaks is done, I'm going to work my way up to 28 miles a week and try to keep it there.

As you know, it's difficult for me to find long, flat places to run out here in the Middle of Nowhere. I'm getting pretty darned bored with the two roads I use all the time. Maybe I'll start at the other end for a while. And I'm definitely going to scout out some new territory.

And while it's convenient to run on my road, it's very hilly and may have contributed to the heel pain. That is something I can learn to live without.

I tried the California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken recipe I mentioned a few days ago. In a word: Yummmmmm!


Jess said...

I would justify the mileage that way as well. Makes sense to me. And if it hurt, it hurt. Phantom or not, those pains can be annoying.

Lori said...

I like your idea of starting on the other end of your run. I know you're in the middle of nowhere, but surely there must be another runner somewhere in there. (OTOH, if there was, you two would have probably run into each other [literally] by now.)

I hope your pain stays away. Take care of yourself.

Laura N said...

Glad you got that heel pain under control. How awesome that your October's going to be a maximum miles month. 28 miles a week is a fabulous amount of running. You can so totally do it. Hope you find some new running paths. Have you used It's excellent for tracking mileage and plotting courses.