Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I keep forgetting …

for Cathy in Northern Virginia, who asked in a comment several days ago about a McNeer who was shot down over China in WWII – my husband has not heard of him. His father served in WWII in China, but came back and lived a good, long life here in the Middle of Nowhere. I tried to e-mail you, Cathy, but the addy I have bounced back to me.

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Cathy in Northern VA said...

Thanks for the "special notice." I was checking because said McNeer was something of a scandal among my family, particularly my aunts (both now deceased) who would have been very young at the time of the scandal. My cousins have taken up the task of finding out who this man's fataher really was, so I thought I would pursue a "lead."

Best to you and to Mr. Shrinking Knitter.

Cathy in Northern VA