Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why strength training is key to weight loss

Yesterday, Denise commented:

I find it interesting that you do the cardio and think that strength-training is the key. I do the strength-training and totally believe that cardio is the key to weight loss! I'm beginning to think that between us we've discovered the true secret - ya just gotta do BOTH! (Man, no wonder they kept that a secret - it sucks!)

This article goes into the whys and wherefores, which I'm sure Denise already knows. [The article also points to something to buy; ignore that!] Also, you can use Google to search "strength training for weight loss" to find more information. I like the friendly tone of this article, and it also specifically talks about what strength training can do for women. But it's quite long.

Basically, the higher your resting metabolic rate [RMR], the more efficiently your body uses the calories you consume. And the way to raise your RMR is to add more muscle. Also, five pounds of fat takes up more room than five pounds of muscle, as M@rla eloquently explains and illustrates here. So weighing the same, but having that weight be muscle instead of fat, makes you look hotter. Heh.

I've never had a scale that calculates my body fat percentage, but I'm tempted to get one. Perhaps seeing that number go down as a result of weight training would motivate me to do more, or at least to be consistent with it. Anyone want to weigh in on that idea?

But really, what could be more motivating than having Mich give me an attagirl?

I'll be on the bench and then doing my pyramid before 8 a.m., after which I will run four flat miles, after which I will get my teeth cleaned, after which I will shop 'til I drop.

After which I will [tomorrow morning] probably tell you how tired I am!


Lux said...

Re Muscle and RMR.

Shauna said...

holy hell, that's a busy day :) good on ya tiger.

i agree with you re strength training. overall i think the key is just putting your all into whatever exercise you do, like really gut-busting effort.. consistency and intensity then POW! the results start a happenin' :)

ws said...

The body fat percentage scales are good if you want to see relative loss, but they aren't particularly accurate in terms of actual body fat, especially for individuals with high muscle mass. Hope you had a great day yesterday with all of those planned activities.