Monday, June 18, 2007


I couldn't sleep last night and was up for almost two hours, reading blogs and playing solitaire. So of course I slept later than normal and now Mr. Shrinking Knitter wants to play our usual wake-up game of Super Scrabble this minute, before I've had a chance to post anything. I wheedled 10 minutes out of him so I could throw a post up here.

'Cause I'm compulsive like that.

So I've made a dent in the guest room and in one of the crafty projects that's on my list. I'll have to add "make a job jar list" to the Google list or I'll forget about all the things I want to do to stave off boredom and create more stress. Heh.

I did a lot of knitting this weekend while watching the U.S. Open. [Interesting to see the short, chubby smoker win, while the incredibly fit Tiger came in second-best, wasn't it?] The Shapely Tank has a neckband and has one side seamed. One more side seam and the finishing around the armholes [unless I decide to do short sleeves] and it'll be done. I keep thinking it's going to be too big, but since it's cotton I might be able to attack it with hot water and get it to shrink. I've not tried it on, though, so it just might be okay.

I'll be running or walking today, probably four miles. Didn't do anything yesterday, mostly because it was foggy – pea-soup thick – until 11 or so and I had to be at a meeting at 12:30. Yes, I could have used the treadmill or the rower, but I didn't. So there.

So y'all have a great Monday. It took eight minutes to write all this drivel, probably took you less than a minute to read it and now everybody's happy. Or at least well-read.

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Mary Christine said...

I wanna play scrabble! How fun! Glad you posted anyway.