Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sooooo close!

You long-time readers know just how much I detest the dial-up internet service I'm stuck with here in the Middle of Nowhere. I'm not willing to shell out the big bucks for the satellite internet service I've seen advertised on cable TV. The equipment alone costs hundreds of dollars.

There were lots of cool links to cool things in some of your blogs this weekend. Wendy's dress at Anthropologie, M@rla linked to a very creative paintjam artist and that My Heritage celebrity look-alike thing is going around again. [The only celeb they matched me with was Gwyneth. I soooo don't look like Gwyneth!] Each foray into flash-based websites or YouTube tests my patience. It had better be damned worth it.

These were.

Anyway, Verizon was out here yesterday scouting a bit of our property to put up a tower. In our yard! Well, practically in our yard, which is why Mr. Shrinking Knitter nixed the idea. Property values and all that. I was so close to buying Airport for my Mac I could taste it. I could visualize myself uploading photos and downloading music in the blink of an eye.

Patience, Grasshopper. Surely someone out here in the Middle of Nowhere will have the perfect piece of property for a tower. At least they're looking.

It's so great to have Greta commenting again! When Blogger switched from old to new, many readers couldn't log in or comment any more [or maybe they got tired of my blather and moved on]. Greta, you certainly know me well enough to know that boredom can be an issue. I'd love to be able to play inside my own head like Crazy Aunt Purl talks about in this post. Then again, I've lost 20 years' worth of brain cells by virture of being older, and who knows how many more by virtue of being a recovering drunk? Those were the days ...

Maybe I need a job jar. You know, just write down a bunch of activities on a slip of paper, throw them all in a container and pull one out when I'm feeling like I'm at loose ends. Yet another interactive to-do list!

Well, I ran yesterday. For a long time. First long run – six miles – in ages and ages. I'd like to be able to honestly say I run 20 miles a week when I fill in the Smart Coach plan for the next race. Last week, counting yesterday, I logged 21, but about half were walking.

Race training starts mid-July for me. I've registered for the Army Ten-Miler and the City of Oaks Half-Marathon. The 10-miler will be a long training run leading up to the half, and also will be a fun weekend with Mr. Shrinking Knitter to celebrate his birthday [which is actually the following weekend, but I couldn't get the Army to change their race date].


Kia LaBracke said...

Ooooh, ooooh! Fast Internet -- I'll be praying for ya! ;-) K

Mary Christine said...

Fast internet will have to happen some day.

Adam said...

Thanks for stopping by. The Memphis Half Marathon is Dec 1st, happens to be on my Bday.


ms. em said...

I love the job jar idea. I think I will start one tomorrow:)

Best wishes,
ms. em