Monday, June 25, 2007

Pride goeth before the fall

So yesterday morning I drove down to the four-mile long, flat road, planning to make my turn at the three-mile mark. I'll be darned if the guy who lives there wasn't on his porch, watching the world – including me – go by. And I'll also be darned if I'm going to turn around in front of someone. As if he cared!

So I kept trotting to the end of the road and logged eight very slow, very torturous miles. I probably walked a total of two; I definitely walked the entire last mile. I was completely out of gas.

At least I didn't fall. Heh.

I want to clarify something about eating one meal daily: That only happens when I'm just too darned busy to stop and eat. With any luck, this week will be like that, as we count down the days – and tasks – until our mini family reunion. Yesterday? Not so much.

Also, almost immediately after I published yesterday's post, I noticed I have an all-day conference on Wednesday, so my weight-training schedule will be Monday, Thursday, Saturday instead of M-W-F. I might try to run when I get home Wednesday evening.

Today is still my rest-from-running day. I kind of wish it could be a rest-from-everything day. Eight miles, even with some walking thrown in, is a long way when you haven't done it since April! It will do me good, physically and mentally, to hit the weights today, though.

About the only thing I got done yesterday was some knitting.

Nice segue, Debbi!

I started a Big Bad Baby Blanket [from the first Stitch 'n' Bitch book] a few days ago. I'm using two strands of fingering-weight acrylic [for washability] held together with a size 6 needle. I'm doing the center section first and will then pick up stitches and add a border in a different color later. The original pattern is all one color.

My new granddaughter is due in less than a month!


ws said...

I know that out of gas feeling and it sucks (unless you enjoy the spacey post run feeling). The guy last Sunday that insisted I run with him apparently wanted to push me to bonk as well. Enjoy your lifting and recovery day.

Laura N said...

Enjoyed reading your posts from the past few days. Sounds like you're on a great path.