Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hungry like the wolf

Frankly, I don't know how hungry wolves get, having never been one, nor even met one up close and personal. But this morning I woke up hungry, something I rarely do.

We had guests for dinner last night, so today's breakfast was a leftover biscuit and half a dozen of the yummy little appetizers I whipped up. Mix pesto with cream cheese, spread on a soft-flour tortilla, roll up tightly and cut into half-inch pinwheels. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Good.

I realized when I went to bed last night that dinner was the first meal I'd eaten all day; the same thing happened on Friday. I'm doing a quick weight-check every morning – information only – and my weight is going down again. One meal a day just might be how I need to eat.

I guess I've blown it for today already. Heh.

Everything we've read or heard about revving up one's metabolism includes the suggestion to eat something every three or four hours. But you know, I was busy-busy the whole day Friday and Saturday. I didn't even think about food. I was grateful to sit down for dinner, but I didn't wolf down what was in front of me and I didn't overeat.

Something to think about. Mr. Shrinking Knitter has maintained a 60-pound weight loss for 20 years or more [much longer than I've known him] by pretty much eating one meal a day. He usually has a nocturnal spoonful of peanut butter, but dinner is and has been his one and only meal for as long as we've been together, vacations excepted. He loves big breakfasts when we're on the road or when we have overnight guests.

I logged just
14 running miles last week, and only two weight-training sessions. Today is the first day of a new week. I'm planning to do a longish run – six miles at least. Weight-lifting is scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week; Monday will be my rest-from-running day. I feel like I'm getting my ducks in a row, in preparation for race training.

It feels good.


Mary Christine said...

It sounds like the ducks are lining up nicely.

We all have different bodies, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. When I eat only one meal, I can guarantee that I will gain weight. I have done it before.

ws said...

I don't know how you can survive on one meal a day. When I start eating for training I don't even notice the rest periods in between meals/snacks. I also forget what hunger is like and just eat cause the clock says it is time to eat again.

Hope you enjoyed your run today - I'm sure the weather is more cooperative in WV.

Lori said...

I hope you had a good run today. Sometimes you just get so busy, mentally and physically that you forget to eat. I'd love to have that kind of amnesia once in a while.

It sounds like you had a good but busy weekend and you sound like you are getting things in line for the races. I'm so pleased for you!

PastaQueen said...

Sometimes I'll get so busy that I forget to eat, like when I moved to my new apartment. But there's no way I could do the one meal a day thing.