Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Change of course

First, ws just left a comment wondering if I'd been affected by severe weather in my part of the Middle of Nowhere West Virginia.

Not only was I not affected, I didn't even know about it. Guess I should read some local news once in a while. Thanks for your concern, ws!

I was going to write a post about my volunteer gig at the prison last night, but it had nothing to do with fitness or eating well or losing weight or running or knitting [although I did deliver some donated yarn for the inmates' Yarn Project], so I deleted it all and am forced to change my train of thought.

If you have a Google home page, you know you can add many little units to it, some informative, some useful, some just for fun. One of them is a To-Do list, which I've had for a long time but which I've never used. There's just something cool about physically crossing an item off a list that is sooooo satisfying.

However, I spend more time in front of my monitor than I do in front of the list attached to the refrigerator. Hey! There's a victory! So I filled it up and am now working on deleting each and every task on it.

My list-making tends to be of the Big Project or Getting Ready to Go Somewhere variety. I don't need a list of daily chores; the laundry gets done, the floors get swept, the dishwasher gets unloaded and reloaded without a reminder. Usually. But closets and dresser drawers just seem to get more crowded unless I write down that it's time to purge.

Today's the day. I can't Clean the Guest Room until I Unpack the Suitcase, wihch I'm storing in the guest room. And I can't Unpack the Suitcase until I Purge the Closet and Dresser. I refuse to put all those clothes back when I'm not wearing half of what's already in there. Fourth of July is three weeks from today and we're having company, so Cleaning the Guest Room is pretty high on the priority list.

Because we don't have a tent.

I've read a couple blogs lately where the writers want to only wear things they love that fit. I'm willing to settle for things that fit. I still have too many too-big things taking up too much space. I'll keep some of the too-small things, but if I don't love it, it's going to our local food-and-clothing bank. [It's called Loaves and Fishes, but a friend calls it Fishes and Chips, which delights me every time I hear it.]

My hip and quad are feeling good this morning, and the doctor says it's fine to take an Aleve every morning and night for arthritis pain. [With the caveat that it's best to take it with food.] I'm going to run four flat miles, then come home and tackle the closet. Until I'm finished:
  • I will not read e-mail.
  • I will not read your blog post.
  • I will not play computer solitaire.
So there.


Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by! ;D

I hear you!! The day to do stuff gets done without a list but the closets and dressers do not. LOL In fact, thanks for reminding me . . .it's something that I need to do myself!

ws said...

oh, the guilt - I've been thinking about the cleaning of my closet for at least a month now. So, today I refolded 3 or 4 piles of t-shirts (which make up most of my closet). About 10% of the contents of my closet are articles of clothing that fit, the other 90% is barely wearable. And, of the 10% that does fit, 90% is workout clothing.

I hope your 4 mile run went well and you survived without encountering either hell or high water - since you mentioned neither of those would stop you!

Laura N said...

Hope your quad is better. Thank God for Aleve and Advil. I'd never be able to run without them. I had a bad quad injury last summer when I first started running, and it took a couple months before it really healed. Of course, I was 200 pounds at 5'5'', and probably was expecting too much too fast from my poor body. I'm sure yours will recover a lot quicker.