Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The job jar experiment

I think I'm ready to start doing this job jar thing I talked about last week. I listed several distracting tasks or projects on paper yesterday, cut them out and stuck them in a container in my office. Some of them are chores and some are fun stuff, because I don't want the job jar to be a punishment. The fun stuff things are activities I really enjoy; they also tend to make me lose track of time.
I'll more than likely add and subtract activities as time goes on. This looks like an interesting hobby, for instance, but it didn't make the cut. Yet.

I must make sure the first slip I pull is the one that says "Office worktable," don't you think?

Weight-training happened yesterday! Woo hoo! A good, solid half hour of bench work and the dumbbell pyramid. I know some of you put a lot more time into weight training, and I'm happy for you. But I'm even happier for me that I managed to get a decent session in to start off my new week.

Today is a running day, four flat miles. Tomorrow is supposed to be a running day but I have to go to an all-day conference out of town. I have serious doubts about running at 5:30 a.m. [although I can and do run very early in the morning when I'm visiting my daughter. Hmmmm.] Five-thirty in the afternoon might happen. At any rate, tomorrow is a mini blog break. "See" you Thursday.


Adam said...

Weight Training and running? Next you will be spin training and doing laps at the pool, then an iron man:)

Keep up the good work.

Lori said...

Messy office? Pleaze! Come to my apartment and look at my "office" or the one at my workplace...

But I do like the job jar. I used to pile my stuff on my bed as a kid and I HAD to do something with it if I wanted to sleep. However, I will admit that I just made enough space for me and gave up on it.

Adam's right; soon it's going to be a Ironwoman Trianthlon for you. (And btw, it's easier to get up at 5:30 when someone else is going with you.)

ws said...

I can do 5:30am wake-up calls right before I leave to go out running! Enjoy your job jar today.

miss petite america said...

this job jar you speak of...it sounds interesting... how does it work?

and honey, your desk is waaaaaaaaaaay more organized than mine is at this point...hence my curiousity in the job jar.

Liz said...

I'm another shrinking knitter, although for the past year I've done far more shrinking than knitting (60 pounds gone). You do far more weight training than I do (30 - 40 minutes with hand and ankle weights is it for me), and although I've started Couch to 5 K I'm only doing week 2 (for the second time around) at this point. I liked what you said about doing this for a year. I started out with the idea of doing WW's intensively for a year and seeing what happened. I think it's mostly turned into a lifestyle change for me, at least as far as portion control and exercise is concerned. However, I am not ever going to be able to turn into an exercise 2 hours a day sort of person. I honestly can't devote that much time to just working out. What I can do is consciously spend time moving rather than just sitting around watching tv. For example weeding the garden, while not as aerobic as running earns me 3 Weight Watcher's Activity Points for an hour. Since it also got the weeds out of the onions yesterday it felt like I was killing two birds with one stone. Between the weeding and the steps with the pedometer I managed to earn 5 AP's yesterday despite the fact that I didn't have time for "real" exercise. And I didn't even count the calories burned changing the guest bed, doing 4 loads of laundry, and kneading bread. I am getting to the point where I enjoy aerobic exercise, but I'm also realistic enough to know that my life will probably never allow me the time to train for an iron event. I'm pretty much at the size I was aiming for (4/6/8 depending on the brand) and now in a few more pounds it's on to maintenance and hopefully more knitting. I just wish I knew how many AP's I earn when I sit and spin wool from our sheep which btw is how I found your blog in the first place. I googled calories burned spinning yarn on a spinning wheel. I didn't find that, but I did find you. You seem like a fun person whose blog I'm adding to my bookmarks. Come on over to ongiantshoulders.blogspot.com and visit.