Thursday, November 08, 2007

Y'all are so kind to me

I find it difficult to believe that both all of you read yesterday's third piece of drivel and didn't correct me on my obvious day-of-the-week mix-up. I have been traveling a bit lately, and I do confuse easily. So thanks for not pointing out how stupid I am. I'm here to do it for you.

I guess you were just so fascinated with that list of weird stuff about me, right? At least MPA was, and wasn't shy about asking about Item Number Four.

Let's just say it involved driving at night with no headlights on a sidewalk in the heart of a major city. And moonshine. And possibly being overserved. Or maybe even overserving myself.

Yeah, let's say that. The charge was eventually reduced to something like "failure to control." This was back in the early '80s, before the law locked you up and threw away the key. The officer who stopped me sent me home in a cab and impounded my car. Actually it was my dad's car.

Okay, moving on. Except to add that I gave up drinking a long, long time ago, or I'd probably not be here to tell the tale.

Neither None of you made even one guess about the Bob Dylan album missing from my collection. It's absent on purpose; I'm not interested in having it just for the sake of saying I own all of them. Because it was awful. And I know I'd never listen to it. [And I can hear some of you snickering out there, saying, "Only one of them was awful?!?!?"] Dylan is definitely an acquired taste.

I'm going to hit the weight room again today. Heh. And try to run for the first time since Sunday. My quads are still barking – just not as loudly – but I won't be boosting this month's mileage unless I get out there and Just. Do. It. My activity yesterday alternated between sitting on my ass or taking naps. Possibly it was a post-race letdown. Also? You really can't throw three posts up in one day without sitting on your ass. Unless you've got one of those computer stations at which you stand.

Which I don't.

I'm feeling pretty energetic already this morning. I'm cooking a pot of garbanzo beans which will be transformed into hummus later today. Mr. Shrinking Knitter requested hummus and raw vegetables for a late dinner while we watch WVU win their game tonight. I've also started a batch of slow-cooker steel-cut oats.

This chilly weather makes me want soups and stews and oatmeal, oh my. It also makes me want to knit sweaters. I have just a teensy tiny bit left to do on the Christmas stockings which are still in progress, and then I'm going to shop in my yarn closet for something warm and wooly for me. If I start now, I might be able to wear it before spring.


Laura N said...

Ha, I didn't even notice the wrong date. I was too mesmermized by all the lovely words of your posts. =)

Yeah, I don't do Dylan. I am a child of the 80s and grew up on crappy music (although I *still* like DuranDuran). Only after I met my husband in 1993 did I finally start listening to good stuff. He's 8 years older than me, and had a brother 8 years older than him, who had him listening to the Beatles at age 10. He has great taste in music.

Good plan on hitting the weights today, and a run, too. Will you space them out or do one then the other? I'm trying to figure out if I should run before a weights class or after... or even try to combine them at all.

On the Country Music Half--I would love to do that one, but I think it's probably too close to the Indy Half on May 8, which I'm already signed up for. There is always 2009, though, AND my Big Plan is to run a Full Marathon the month I turn 40 (provided I'm healthy and all that, God willing), which is April 2010, and Nashville would be a lovely place to accomplish that feat. Can we say it's a date?!

Mary Gee said...

we should have a true confessions about music we listen to. I seem to like things I *think* I shouldn't.

Grumpy Chair said...

True confessions: I like Eminem. I accidentally downloaded "Slim Shady" the explicit version and not the radio friendly version for my son. Didn't pay too much attention until he was on the phone with my mother rapping the lyrics to her. Yikes!!!

And also john denver. hehe.

How about posting that hummus recipe, if it's the one without tahini.