Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The dread treadmill still works

It's been a long, long time since I've fired up the old treadmill. It works just fine, except something is stuck in it that makes it not fold up to save space. Since I'm not especially concerned with saving space, I guess it's okay.

Thanks to the inspirational message I snagged from PQ [mentioned in yesterday's post] and knowing you'd all be wondering if I did it or not [how's that for egotistical?], I'm happy to report that I walked four miles at 3.5 mph and was quite a sweaty mess when I finished. I kind of forgot how much effort it is to walk for more than an hour on a treadmill.

Also? Boring! Because of you, the printed message and SportsCenter, I didn't quit. So thanks!

My shoulder is definitely stiffer and more painful in the morning; perhaps that's something I'll just have to deal with for a while. Thanks for all your comments yesterday; I feel fairly certain I could do some kind of resistance-band workout now, as Lori suggested, and yes, PQ, it is rather amazing that I'd love to be able to lift, after all the whining I've done about weight-training over the lifespan of this blog.

Knitting continues to be not just doable but also very enjoyable. I'm not killing myself knitting any Christmas gifts this year. At least one designer has come up with a knock-off pattern for this scarf, and I might try to do
one for Mr. Shrinking Knitter's mother, but other than that I'm still plugging away on the sweater for me [and hoping it will block out to the right size because it Just. Doesn't. Look. Big. Enough]. I took a break from it yesterday, though, to knit a wee Santa hat for my new granddaughter. It also Just. Doesn't. Look. Big. Enough., but maybe that's just me.

The hat was simple as could be and I was able to watch a very bad movie with Rob Lowe and Jennifer Grey while I worked on it. Jennifer Grey will forever be Dirty Dancing's "Baby" to me.

I might try a short run outside today. It's supposed to be in the low 50s by this afternoon. If it doesn't work out, at least I know I can always use the treadmill.


mehitabel said...

That scarf is really cute, and several of my friends are making them for gifts. I'm still trying to knit without pain in that shoulder and not succeeding very well. Kudos to you for sticking to the treadmill!

Laura N said...

Good for you getting in your walk. Hope you made it for your run, too. 50s is just perfect running weather.

I totally understand about this blog world being a motivating factor. I was so close to cutting my run short yesterday, but the accountability of having to confess a short run was enough to keep me plugging away. It's a good thing!

Hope your shoulder is healing even though it doesn't feel better.

Anne M. said...

The hat is adorable! what a great personal present for your wee little one :) I'm glad you got your exercise in and persisting with it in spite of the boredom.

Hope you're not in as much pain today.

Grumpy Chair said...

Cute hat.

The same thing happened to my treadmill a couple of months ago. I fold it up as far as it will go and hold with stretchy bungee cords.

Kristi said...

Ok, this is getting annoying. Every time I want to comment I have to resign up with Google and then my post dissappears.....enough of that. The hat is adorable and terrific job on getting on that TM. The TM has been my punishmen, I mean exercise, of choice lately too. As it's already in the teens in the morning here. Hang in there and know people care.