Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I surrender

Instead of sitting here waiting for the sun to rise so I can go run, I'm sitting here waiting for 8 a.m. so I can call the doctor to beg and plead for an appointment today. The pendulum has swung from no-pain-at-all on Saturday to not-being-able-to-extend-my-left-arm yesterday. And last night. And this morning.

Good thing I'm right-handed.

But I can't get through the cooking marathon I'm facing one-handed. Just. Can't. Do. It.

I kept thinking, especially after Saturday, that it would continue to get better, but it hasn't and it won't and Dr. Internet and one of you readers and I all feel that it must be bursitis or tendinitis, which means … gulp … some kind of needle with some kind of performance-enhancing drug in it
inserted into my shoulder.


Anne recently wrote about her fondness for mincemeat. That was a traditional holiday food from my childhood as well. Whole Foods sends me a weekly e-mail [not that there's a Whole Foods here in the Middle of Nowhere, but I do like to try some of their recipes] and lo and behold – a recipe for Mincemeat Log Rolls. I made them yesterday and they are quite good. No sugar and vegetarian-friendly.

They're not a low-calorie, eat-all-you-want treat, and they're not a true mincemeat flavor. But they weren't hard to make and when everyone around you is chowing down on sugary crap desserts, it's nice to have something good and tasty that doesn't look weird. And these look like real cookies!



Grumpy Chair said...

I hope you got your doc's appointment and found some relief.

I looked at the mincemeat cookies and though they look good, I'm trying to stay away from the buttah!

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Teresa C said...

Last week I had a session of not being able to lift my right arm straight out from my body. I could tell I had a muscle spasm in my arm, but had no idea what caused it.
I had an appointment with my chriroprator, mentioned it to him and he fixed me right up.
He told me I my neck was out of place, pinching the nerves running down my arm. It wasn't a normal neck adjustment though, he actually used a little activator thing and punched it up my neck along my windpipe.
Sounds weird, but it felt so much better to be able to lift my arm without the screaming meemies.