Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's that time again …


There are many, many snowflake generators out there now, but the one I linked to is the first one I found, a couple of years ago. Enjoy, and don't blame me if you end up making snowflakes instead of working, working out, eating, sleeping or tending your children and pets.

On to more pressing matters.

How does one lose a bag of peanuts? Mr. Shrinking Knitter and I took our Thanksgiving guests to Gap Mills, WV, while they were here. Gap Mills is a tiny little Mennonite [we think] community even more in the Middle of Nowhere than I am. There are gift shops, furniture makers, a bakery and a lovely little food store called Cheese 'n' More.

Among my purchases was a bag of roasted, unsalted peanuts, which I used as a garnish on turkey curry Sunday night. When I went to look for them Monday, the bag was missing. I knew right where I had put them in the pantry, but they're not there, nor are they anywhere else in my kitchen – including the refrigerator and freezer. I'm baffled.

It's probably a good thing, except we do get mice in the winter and they will have a feast if they find it before I do.

As for yesterday's short run – didn't happen, but I did take a short walk and felt like that was the prudent thing to do. I'm still a little nervous about losing my balance if I protect my left arm by not swinging it naturally. Range of motion is much improved, though, and I went most of the day yesterday without the sling. Maybe Dr. C knows what he's talking about after all. Heh.

In the process of searching for a mitten pattern yesterday I ended up sorting through literally hundreds of patterns I've printed and saved from the internet over the years. I tossed a bunch, put others in sheet protectors and put them in binders, filled an entire kitchen trash can with Patterns I'll Never Knit and, eventually, found the pattern in the last place I looked. It wasn't even in the house; it was in a knitting bag in the yarn closet on the second floor of the garage.

But I feel really good about getting all that crap cleared out, at least for the moment. I also filled a small binder with patterns for things I want to make in the near future. I think the knitting bug, which has been mostly dormant over the summer, is coming back.

That's one virus I can live with.

A couple people e-mailed me asking for the pattern source for the baby Santa hat. I made it up on the fly, but will try to write something up and post it tomorrow. Thanks for all your nice compliments about it, and thanks, too, for your well wishes for the shoulder. They seem to have helped!


Lori said...

I thought you were going to say that you remembered EATING the peanuts in your sleep or something. I'm glad that's not the case. Maybe it's on top of the fridge?

Give yourself some time to heal. Maybe the soreness means it is healing...the Santa hat is way too adorable, btw.

ws said...

If I were a bag of peanuts I'd probably be in the utensil drawer since that is where I always get myself lost.

But, really, I can't channel a bag of peanuts very well, I'm more mixed nuts.