Monday, November 19, 2007

Spoke Wrote too soon

When I last posted, I said my arm/shoulder/bicep felt dandy. So naturally I did what any of you would do – I tested it by rowing and lifting weights. A decision for which I'm still paying. On the bright side, my feet feel much, much better – better than before I ran City of Oaks – so I did a tiny, little, baby run yesterday. That felt great.

I walked a half-mile, ran a half-mile, turned around and ran the second half of the running mile and then walked the last half-mile. The walking part took about 14.5 minutes, and the running part was done in 9:26. That's my fastest mile, but I certainly couldn't have done another one at that pace. It was fun, though.

Thanks for all your nice comments on the stockings! I'm pretty pleased with them. Yesterday I finished the felted clogs for my daughter-in-law – this is the third pair I've made her since we met – and I can't wait until my granddaughter is old enough for her first pair. My daughter-in-law will think they're a hoot, whether the baby ever wears them or not. I might figure out a way to make a small enough pair, using thinner yarn. If so, I'll tuck them in with a Christmas present.

First, though, we get to have Thanksgiving! Three days and counting, and today is the day to really get started. I finished grocery shopping yesterday, but will almost surely have to go back for one last item, because I always forget something. Mr. Shrinking Knitter has been most willing to pick up a thing or two the last couple of days. He's happy to get out of the house in case I ask him to do something. Heh.

I'm a week into my new sugar-free life, and so far, so good. I found a sugarless pumpkin cheesecake recipe that I'm going to try, along with a loaded-with-corn syrup pecan pie, which is the preferred dessert around here. Everything else on the menu is healthy and delicious except, maybe, the cornbread bacon stuffing. Along with turkey, I'll be making homemade wheat bread with sunflower seeds, cranberry relish, deviled eggs, roasted root vegetables, roasted-garlic mashed potatoes (made with chicken broth and skim milk), green bean casserole (which I hate and won't touch), a huge relish tray with homemade hummus and Waldorf salad sans whipped cream – I like it just fine with low-fat mayo sweetened with Splenda.

The cranberry relish is the easiest thing ever – mix a bag of fresh cranberries with a jar of sugar-free orange marmalade and a little vanilla. (I'm going to toss some walnuts in, as well.) Bake in a 350° oven until it smells good and the cranberries are done. Chill before serving.

And if I'm going to get anything at all done today, I'd better get my ass off this Swiss ball and back away from the computer. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Oops! Almost forgot to mention that WVU is NUMBER THREE in the BCS rankings this week. We had high hopes of being fourth – coming in third this week was like getting a present!


Lori said...

All of this sounds delicious (esp. as I sit at my desk at work).

You know, I ended up having to watch Michigan vs. Ohio at the gym. My first thought was: WWDRF?

Who Would Debbi Root For?

I hadn't a clue. I really didn't care but I had to pick someone to root for (or against). I sort of rooted for Ohio. Why? (Here's where you see how demented I truly am.) I love James Thurber and I loved his stories about OSU and that they have a good journalism school. But I kept hoping I was rooting for/against the right team to help WVU. WWDD? (What Would Debbi Do?)

Laura N said...

What a lovely, inspiring post. Debbie, you sound so happy today. I hope you have a wonderful time preparing all that food for your family. It all sounds gorgeous.

Your stockings are awesome. What fabulous gifts, I'm sure everyone will cherish them.

And that's a nice baby run. 9:26--sweet!

Barbra said...

I love the stockings and can't wait to see pics of the "baby clogs"! Thanks for the recipe... I'm going to try it... I think I tried it last year... but didn't bake it.... it will smell good to start with... so how long is "until it smells good"?