Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Quote Day

Continuous effort –
not strength or intelligence –
is the key to unlocking our potential.

~ Winston Churchill

No, I'm not adding a quote day or switching from Friday to Monday. But quote days are easy and I'm still in weekend mode, so I'm just making up for last Friday when I was gone.

Hi! I'm back! Still don't have any blood test results to report on. I should get them today.

I was practicing continuous effort this weekend, even though I told myself I would relax. I was so happy to be someplace with a long, smoothly paved surface, in weather that was about as close to perfect as you could get, that it was easy to get out and run both Saturday and Sunday mornings. So the effort I put in was targeted toward speed.

But since we were just one state away, the topography is similar to ours. The hills weren't quite as steep, nor quite as long, but there were there, and, as always, that's what slows me down.

I did seven miles in 92 minutes Saturday morning and 5.2 miles in 65 minutes Sunday morning. I was supposed to have done an easy two-mile run Saturday and an eight-miler Sunday. Bad Debbi!

Not really bad. I felt good enough running that I just didn't want to stop. Let's hope I feel like that for the Army Ten-Miler!

I relaxed a bit with food, but not much. It's hard to just throw caution to the wind and eat whatever you like after a lifetime of eating carefully. Those of you just starting out on an intuitive eating program probably know how this feels. That's a big reason I haven't wandered down the IE path. I imagine I would feel pretty frustrated at not being able to do that right, either!

Anyway, the weekend was relaxing and enjoyable and now it's over. We're already looking forward to next year. I hope your weekend was just as nice.


Lori said...

It sounds like you had a very good weekend! As for the what you were supposed to do vs. what you did with regard to running, my first thought was "rules are made to be broken." ;-)

It's interesting to see what we now consider "relaxing" in terms of food versus the past. I'm sure you were fine.

I'm hoping for nothing but good news from the blood work-up!

ws said...

Even putting forth effort it sounds like a good weekend. Those runs are great especially on a retreat weekend. The adrenaline on race day always helps. Plus, that topography that angers you on your training runs will be very beneficial during the 10 miler. Since the course, with the exception of a little incline on Virginia Ave, should be relatively flat. The 10 miler goes past some of my favorite places in DC (not that the marathon doesn't also, but that's a stressful topic!).

I hope this is the start of a really great training week for you...

Grumpy Chair said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. Wow, I'm always amazed at you athletes who run while on vacation/mini weekend get-a-ways!

Laura N said...

Excellent. Hope you carry that refreshed feeling with you all week. Your runs sound lovely!

Mary Gee said...

You sound so fit and healthy.