Monday, September 03, 2007

Every day's a holiday

When you don't work outside the home in a real job, Labor Day – the holiday Americans celebrate today – is just another day. That's how a pessimist would approach the subject.

Because I've been in an emotional slump lately, I deliberately chose the optimist's view for today's title. Mind over matter!

I worked yesterday, well and hard, and feel like I deserve a day off today. Good thing it's a scheduled rest day, right? My long run was supposed to be seven miles but I always run it on a four-mile-long road. Out-and-back is eight miles, that's what I felt like doing and that's what I did. It took for-freaking-ever, but I did it.

I'd hoped, since it was cooler, I could finish in 96 minutes – a 12-minute pace – but it took 102 minutes, so 12:47. The humidity is still the culprit. I can't seem to [insert whispery voice] go the distance [pat yourself on the back if you know what movie that line is from!] without having to gulp for air and walk for a minute every couple of miles.

If I were running fast I wouldn't mind all these walk breaks, but I run like a 56-year-old fat lady. In my mind I'm tall and tan and young and lovely [pat yourself on the back again if you know song that line is from!], pumping my arms effortlessly and covering distance at the speed of light. But in reality I'm huffing and puffing and struggling.

And burning calories! I comfort myself by thinking the longer I'm out there, the more energy I'm using, the more stamina I'm developing, the more my muscles are training to reach farther and at a quicker pace. Because I do try.

I just can't keep it up for any significant length of time.

According to my training log [I use the one at Runner's World's website], in August I ran 69 miles in 15:31:02. That's a 13:49 pace. It's also an average of half an hour of running every day.

Definitely room for improvement.

Oh, well. It's much more pleasant to be running when it's cool, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit more than I did even two weeks ago.

I like running so much that I went ahead and registered for next year's Country Music Half-Marathon. I remember thinking when I finished last year that I probably wouldn't do it again, as the hills are hard, especially at the ninth – or was it the tenth? – mile. But, like labor, time is a great amnesiac.

Different kind of labor, obviously. Have a great holiday!


ws said...

I always say that if you can get past the emotional downer of being unemployed that everyday is like a Saturday!

Great job on the 8 miler. What I wouldn't do for an extra three inches of height...

You'll do even better next year at CMM and I bet you'll want to train straight through the winter, even though you could take time off after your Nov half.

Mary Gee said...

I didn't get the first one, but I do know you must look like the girl from ipanema!

Tonyia said...

I ran Grandma's marathon twice, and the half marathon once. At the end of every race, when my husband picked me up, I said "never let me do that again!" However, every year I check out the registration info. The last two years, I tried to register for the half marathon, but they have a lottery, and I didn't get in.

It's a great way to train, and it really motivates me to get out and do it. I'm also really proud that I did them.

Lately, I've been looking at half marathon registrations (south dakota has a few in the fall that look pretty nifty).

My husband does remind me, tactfully, "you told me not to let you do that again..."

I loved your labor analogy - it's very apt.